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We empower people.

Striven comes from our experience. For over 20 years, Miles IT has worked with over 8,600 organizations to help them accomplish more.

We’ve listened to their challenges, from the biggest functional issues to the smallest details, and created solutions for speed, efficiency, and accuracy. We’ve helped make them millions of dollars and saved them thousands of hours in productivity.

Striven CEO Chris Miles

We Built Striven
For Your Success.

We believe that when we remove the problems caused by unconnected or legacy software, we’re not just helping your organization— we’re helping people. Because your business is only as good as the people who work for you. When their processes get easier and they can truly collaborate, you create a culture that’s as positive as it is productive.

The people in a connected company can do things the competition can’t. They work better, think faster, make more informed decisions. And they’re happy, because the way they work is more important than the tasks on their list.

We believe superior business management software makes the difference in your productivity, savings, and satisfaction. We’ve seen it for years. If you haven’t seen it yet, we invite you to grow with us, thrive with us, and experience a system that empowers everyone.

Chris Miles

Meet the Leadership Team

Chris Miles, CEO of Striven

Chris Miles


Pinky Panjwani, Striven Director of Product Management

Pinky Panjwani

Product Management

Pashupati Shrestha, Striven Director of Product Development

Pashupati Shrestha

Product Development

Scott Hammer, Striven Director of Sales, Marketing and Partnerships

Scott Hammer


matt bernot sales manager striven

Matt Bernot

Sales Manager

Will Zane, Striven Director of Customer Success

Will Zane

Customer Success

Start Accomplishing More

When you use Striven to replace inefficient software and integrate your entire company, you’re doing more than just writing your next chapter— you’re building your future.