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Under 5 users? Add an additional $25/user.

Collaborate Better With Striven Portals

Our monthly Portal plans give you the flexibility to customize Striven to fit your needs. When you add Customer, Vendor, and Candidate Portals to Striven, you open more visibility and communication between your company and its stakeholders.

Monthly Price Per Portal


Customer Portal

Vendor Portal

Career Portal

Up to 100 Customers
Up to 100 Vendors
Up to 100 Applications/Month
Up to 500
Up to 500
Up to 500

Striven customer review rating 5 stars

“I’ve evaluated almost all of the ERPs and CRMs out there.”

“Striven serves small business in a way that’s not being fulfilled by more traditional systems. The small business community needs Striven.”
—Russell D. Murray, Operations Manager/VP

More Information About Our Plans

  • What’s the difference between plans?


    Our pricing plans are structured to help your business grow. Each plan upgrade gives you more opportunity to add users, customers, vendors, and candidates, depending on the plans you choose. You can find a plan that’s right for you now and structure your business for unlimited scalability.

  • Do you offer free training?


    Yes, we have comprehensive implementation guides. From videos to walkthroughs, you can learn how to do everything in Striven in minutes. We also offer in-depth webinars for even more detailed support.

  • What kind of support will I receive?


    Our free support covers online chat support, online ticket submission, and answering how-to questions. Our customers service scores are considerably above average, and our support team is simply the best.


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Don’t just try Striven. Embrace it.

When you use Striven to help your business thrive, you’ll wonder how you ever got anything done without it.

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