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Virtual Manufacturing ERP Software

ERP software designed to enhance the efficiency of your manufacturing processes, supply chain, and distribution networks. From logistics to projects to accounting, you’re covered every step of the way.

virtual manufacturing management software

Every Feature At Your Fingertips

Superior project, operations, and supply chain management to make every job more accurate and efficient.

Your financials are covered—accounting, invoice templates, payment histories, and more are all at your fingertips.

You don’t pay for add-ons or integrations. It’s all here within one fully cloud-based system.

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Job Costing

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Production Reports

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Batch Processing

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Integrated Accounting

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Operations Dashboard

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Task Management

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Document Storage

Software built to improve your manufacturing network.

Striven allows you to stay on top of your distribution networks, contracted projects, inventory, and much more.


Plan, organize, and automate your way to success. Productivity tools, contractor management portals, and interactive dashboards are just some of the ways you can maintain full operational visibility.

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Assess profitability against your revenue or automatically calculate by item, job, or project.

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Logistics and Distribution

Real-time BI analytics, scheduling, routing and fleet management keep shipments on-time and cost-effective.

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Set permissions, roles, and expectations so everyone knows what’s due, and when.

  • Set and track budgets
  • Create project workflows
  • Upload data and documents
  • Set due dates and milestones
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    “Striven keeps all of our projects and jobs totally organized and it gives us a snapshot of profitability of each job. ”

    Kimberly B., Operations Manager


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