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Nonprofit Management Software

Striven is an all-in-one solution for nonprofit and government organizations. Manage donors, funds, members with a complete set of accounting, document sharing, and organizational tools.

Solutions For

Every Group, Every Action

  • Campaigns
  • Committees 
  • Donors
  • Dues
  • Events
  • Gifts
  • Members
  • Volunteers
accounting using all in one business management software

Administrative and Organizational Tools

Advanced Reporting

real time information on computer screen

Single-click reports for any data set you need, throughout your entire organization.

Records Management

Long shadow document management icon

Compile detailed member, donor, committee, and volunteer records for administrative and communication purposes.

Dues & Donations Portal

piggy bank with heart dues and donations icon

Provide an easy way for members and donors to send money; organize according to your needs.

Visual Dashboards

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Customizable widgets show what’s important to you, with real time updates.


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Plan and schedule your events, assign roles, and create due dates for all members.

Marketing Tools

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Use web forms and send automated emails, web forms, surveys, and assessments to groups you define.

use all in one business management software instead of spreadsheets

Nonprofit Accounting

All of the standard and unique accounting conditions for your nonprofit, including:

  • Net assets
  • Donor restrictions
  • Programs
  • Fundraising
  • Financial statements

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