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Versatile financial tools for better accuracy and visibility.

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A 360° view of your financial data*

From simplified billing and invoices to purchasing and collections, Striven accounting software delivers the most accurate and timely financial information available.

*Striven is developed and rigorously tested to be compliant with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).

Every Report At Your Fingertips

Capture the power and versatility of a modern ERP system. From detailed financial insights and real-time inventory levels to comprehensive sales analyses and precise project management tracking, Striven centralizes all business operations data into one accessible platform.

You don’t pay for add-ons or integrations. It’s all here within one fully cloud-based system.


  • Generate robust financial reports in seconds
  • Reconcile business and bank financial information
  • Easily manage your purchasing process
  • Quickly make decisions based on graphical dashboard reports


Financial Software That Accounts For Everything

With Striven, you don’t need to be an accounting guru to keep your finances in order.

Our intuitive design and smart tools guide you every step of the way, helping to minimize errors and maximize efficiency.

From the simplest of transactions to the most complex financial scenarios, Striven has you covered.


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Revenue Tracking

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Billing and Invoicing

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General Ledger

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Online Banking

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Unlock the Power of Integrated Accounting

Striven offers an unmatched level of financial visibility and control, aiding in quick, accurate decision-making.

With the ability to automate routine tasks, track expenses in real-time, Striven presents an ideal platform for managing all of your financial data.

Data Analytics & BI

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Order Management

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Sales Tax Management

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Fund Accounting

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Expense Tracking

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Custom Lists

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The Only Solution You'll Ever Need

All of the tools to help you grow—together and simplified. None of the headaches.

Customer & Vendor Portals

Easily communicate with customers and vendors for convenient, timely, and accurate transactions.

  • Customers can view and pay invoices online, apply credits, and more
  • Allow vendors to accept purchase orders and submit bills electronically
  • Customers and vendors can view billing history and transaction status
striven client portals

Payroll Exports

Striven is payroll-ready. You can easily track hours, salaries, expenses, time off, and much more. We can also integrate with your preferred payroll provider.

Document Management

Striven offers a robust and secure space for all your organization’s data, including all of your financial documents. Say goodbye to disorganized files and the challenges of version control.

You can easily store, categorize, search, and retrieve files, ensuring your critical business data is just a click away for you, your accountants, and anyone else who needs access.

striven document management hub
striven business management software

Advanced Accounting + ERP

What takes hours should be done in an instant. With Striven, you leverage the power of a complete management system that connects your accounting division to the rest of your company.

Create a stronger culture between departments and connect your workforce in a way that wasn’t possible before.


McCollister’s Transportation Group

Watch the video to see how one company found success transitioning from Quickbooks to Striven.

Striven customer review rating 5 stars

“Striven is a great alternative to QuickBooks.”

“Unlike QuickBooks, Striven has a great customer service support team to help with your setup and any future needs.”
—Brandon C, Bookkeeping for General Contractors

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Striven’s accounting software?


    Striven’s accounting software is a comprehensive module within Striven’s ERP platform that manages all financial aspects of your business. It includes functionalities like general ledger, accounts payable and receivable, bank reconciliation, financial report generation, and more.

  • Does Striven’s accounting functionality support multi-currency transactions?


    Yes, Striven’s Accounting Software is fully equipped to handle multi-currency transactions. It allows you to set up and manage multiple currencies, making it easy for businesses operating across different countries to manage their finances.

  • Can I automate my invoicing?


    Yes, Striven’s accounting software allows you to automate your invoicing process. This includes creating recurring invoices, sending automatic invoice reminders, and even auto-billing for certain customer accounts.

  • What kind of support does Striven offer?


    Striven offers a comprehensive array of support services including phone support, chat support, guides, instructional videos, and a community discussion board. We’re always here to help!

  • How can Striven increase my bottom line?


    Striven makes it easy to understand when you’re operating efficiently— and correct for when you’re not. From response time to time-on-task and job completion, you’ll be able to make sure work is done to your highest expectations.

    Striven is designed to help you achieve your goals, whether you’re looking to grow your business or simply get through your busy seasons with more success.

  • How is Striven different than Monday, Odoo, or Quickbooks?


    In addition to providing a low cost, highly customizable alternative to other agency management software solutions, we offer core features in the cloud that others don’t. From fully integrated accounting to inventory management and more, Striven is a true all-in-one software solution!

    Unlike many other software services, Striven’s customer support team and usability consistently rank among the highest all-in-one management software systems on G2 and Capterra.

  • Does Striven provide financial reporting?


    Yes, Striven offers the ability to create, download, and share comprehensive reports about all aspects of your business’s finances.

  • How does Striven handle tax compliance?


    Striven is designed to assist with tax compliance. It has features for automatic tax calculations, the creation of tax reports, and adjustments based on varying tax rates, ensuring your business meets all its tax obligations.

  • Does Striven offer role based access?


    Yes, Striven allows you to define roles and permissions. This feature ensures that employees only have access to the financial data necessary for their tasks, enhancing both data security and productivity.

  • Can I access Striven from anywhere?


    Yes, Striven is cloud-based, meaning you can access your financial data from anywhere at any time, given you have an internet connection.

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