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Payroll Management

Automatically track hours, salaries, benefits, expenses, PTO, sick leave and much more.

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Stop Wasting Time Organizing Your Payroll

Whether you cut employee paychecks internally or use a third-party payroll processing service, Striven automatically and accurately organizes small business payroll data.

Payroll Processing Made Easy

Payroll is frequently the single largest business expense category, so maintaining control and accuracy is paramount, followed closely by compliance with ever-changing federal, state, and locality regulations.

There’s not a single business that enjoys slogging through mountains of employee payroll files and accuracy verification 24 or 26 times a year. But here’s the good news—the more automated your process becomes, the less time is spent by HR and Accounting.

Striven integrates every facet of your business, including payroll accounting management, and helps automate many processes that many businesses are still doing by hand. Things like:

  • Automating Vacation, PTO, and Sick Leave Requests
  • Payroll Expense Metrics Reporting
  • Payroll Data Backups And History
  • Simple Onboarding of New Employees
  • Assigning Granular System User Roles And Permissions
  • Secure Offboarding to Eliminate Over-Payment Beyond Termination Date
  • Time-Saving Integrations With Top Payroll Providers


Consolidated Payroll Tracking That Fits Your Business

Whether your business comprises W-2 employees, 1099 contractors, or a blend of both, Striven seamlessly integrates payroll expenses with your accounting department to match employee payroll expenses against individual projects for accurate internal project accounting.

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Transparent Payroll Processing

For today’s small businesses, finding talented employees can be a costly, time-consuming process. Improve employee retention and make it easy for employees to verify paystub accuracy.

A self-service payroll portal allows employees to understand and verify paystub accuracy.

  • Attach scanned business expense receipts
  • Track sales incentive bonuses
  • Verify salary or hourly rates
  • Manage 401(k) benefits and company matching
  • Request, approve, and track available PTO and sick time
  • View health insurance benefits and premiums
  • Monitor W-4 withholding

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“A game-changer allowing integration of various functions/processes”


“We use Striven extensively for client, staff and project tracking; we have found it to be a seamless solution.”
—Lil D., Small Business Owner


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can Striven handle tax calculations and adjustments?


    Absolutely! Our software has a comprehensive tax management system that can handle different tax rates, tax exemptions, and tax computations, saving you the hassle of manual calculations.

  • How does Striven handle payroll data?


    Striven provides an effective system to manage your company’s payroll data. It streamlines the process of gathering and verifying timekeeping information, calculating pay, distributing funds directly to employee’s bank accounts, and creating detailed reports.

  • Can Striven export payroll data to any payroll software?


    Striven is designed to export payroll data to most payroll-centric software solutions. The compatibility with specific software would depend on the format and standards they use.

  • Is Striven’s platform mobile-friendly?


    Yes, Striven is fully optimized for mobile devices. This means you can manage your finances, transactions, and inventory anytime, anywhere right from your pocket.

  • What data formats does Striven support for exporting payroll data?


    The most common formats used by Striven for exporting payroll data include CSV, Excel (XLS, XLSX), and XML.

  • Can I give my accountants access to my payroll information?


    Yes! With Striven’s Portals, your customers, clients, accountants, and whoever else you need to give access to can easily view whatever data you see fit.

  • Can we access our data when we’re away from the office?


    Yes, Striven is cloud-based, meaning you can access your documents from anywhere with an internet connection, on multiple device types.

  • What support does Striven offer to its customers?


    Striven offers various types of support, including live chat, email support, a dedicated support hotline, and a knowledge base complete with video tutorials!

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