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Applicant Tracking

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Simplify Your Recruiting & Hiring

Striven’s Applicant Tracking transforms your hiring process with integrated document management, smart candidate sourcing, efficient interview scheduling, and streamlined offer management.


  • Document Management
  • Candidate Sourcing
  • Interview Scheduling
  • Offer Management

Document Management

Organize, store, and retrieve candidate resumes, cover letters, and other essential documents, ensuring that all relevant information is readily accessible throughout the hiring process.

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Candidate Sourcing

Leverage multiple channels to identify and attract top talent, using advanced tools and integrations to streamline the candidate sourcing process and build a robust talent pipeline.

Interview Scheduling

Coordinate interviews with automated scheduling features, allowing candidates and interviewers to find mutually convenient times, reducing excessive back-and-forth communication.

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Candidate and Candidate Portal for human resources and hiring

Drag & Drop Interface

Easily move tasks and adjust priorities with a simple drag-and-drop interface.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does Striven’s document management feature improve the hiring process?


    Striven’s Document Management feature ensures that all candidate documents are organized and easily accessible, reducing time spent searching for information and allowing hiring managers to focus on evaluating candidates.

  • Can Striven help me source candidates from different job boards and social media platforms?


    Yes, Striven’s Candidate Sourcing tools integrate with various job boards and social media platforms, making it easy to post job openings and reach a wider pool of potential candidates.

  • How does Interview Scheduling work in Striven, and what are its benefits?


    Interview Scheduling in Striven automates the process of coordinating interview times between candidates and interviewers, minimizing scheduling conflicts and saving time by eliminating excessive back-and-forth communication.

  • What are the advantages of using offer management in Striven?


    Offer management in Striven makes the offer process simple by allowing you to create, send, and track offer letters within a single platform, ensuring clear communication and a smooth experience for candidates.

  • How secure is the document management system in Striven?


    Striven’s document management system uses advanced security protocols to protect candidate information, keeping sensitive data safely stored and accessed only by authorized personnel.

  • Does Striven provide analytics or reports on the effectiveness of candidate sourcing efforts?


    Yes. Striven offers detailed analytics and reports on candidate sourcing, helping you identify which channels are most effective and optimize your recruiting strategies accordingly.

  • Can I customize interview schedules to accommodate different time zones and interviewer availability?


    Striven’s interview scheduling allows you to customize schedules based on time zones and interviewer availability, providing a flexible and efficient interview process.

  • How does Striven ensure a consistent and professional employment offer process?


    Striven’s offer management feature provides templates and tracking tools that keep offer letters consistent, professional, and sent in a timely manner, maintaining your company’s reputation

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