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Always know the in’s and out’s of your finances.

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Designed for the modern business landscape, Striven is the perfect blend of simplicity and sophistication. Say goodbye to the days of sifting through complex spreadsheets to keep your finances in order.


  • Compliance and Audit Readiness
  • Customizable Reporting
  • Secure Access Controls
  • Drill-Down Capabilities

Compliance and Audit Readiness

Built-in compliance management tools ensure you’re always ahead of regulatory changes and prepared for audits, making compliance seamless and audits a breeze.

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Customizable Reporting

Adapt balance sheet reports to showcase the information that matters most to different stakeholders, with powerful customization tools that highlight essential financial insights.

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Secure Access Controls

Enhance the security of your financial data with stringent access controls, allowing precise management over who can view or edit your balance sheet information.

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Drill-Down Capabilities

Uncover the story behind the numbers with drill-down functionality, providing detailed insights into each account for a thorough financial analysis.

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“Unlike QuickBooks, Striven has a great customer service support team to help with your setup and any future needs.”
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does Striven enhance accuracy in balance sheet entries?


    Striven utilizes automated data entry and validation rules to minimize errors, ensuring that all balance sheet entries reflect precise financial data. This automation is coupled with real-time updates, guaranteeing accuracy and reliability in financial reporting.

  • Can I track fixed assets and depreciation within Striven’s balance sheet?


    Yes, Striven’s balance sheet feature includes comprehensive fixed asset management, allowing you to track asset values, calculate depreciation, and adjust for disposals or impairments directly within the system, streamlining asset accounting.

  • How does Striven handle balance sheet consolidation for multiple subsidiaries?


    Striven offers advanced consolidation tools that automatically aggregate and reconcile financials from multiple subsidiaries, presenting a unified financial statement. This includes eliminating intercompany transactions and balances, simplifying the consolidation process.

  • Is it possible to customize the balance sheet format in Striven?


    Absolutely. Striven provides flexible formatting options, enabling you to customize the balance sheet layout to match your reporting requirements and preferences, including the addition of custom fields and segments for detailed analysis.

  • How does Striven support balance sheet analysis for strategic decision-making?


    Striven includes dynamic reporting and analytics tools, offering insights into financial ratios, trends, and performance indicators directly from the balance sheet. These tools help in making informed strategic decisions by providing a clear understanding of financial health.

  • Can Striven’s balance sheet feature accommodate different accounting standards?


    Yes, Striven is designed to support various accounting standards, including GAAP and IFRS, ensuring that your balance sheet is compliant with the relevant financial reporting framework for your business.

  • How does Striven ensure data security for sensitive balance sheet information?


    Striven employs advanced security protocols, including data encryption and role-based access control, to protect sensitive balance sheet information from unauthorized access, ensuring that your financial data remains secure.

  • What kind of support does Striven offer for setting up and optimizing the balance sheet feature?


    Striven provides a comprehensive support system, including detailed documentation, training sessions, and customer support teams ready to assist with setup, customization, and optimization of the balance sheet feature, ensuring you maximize its utility for your business needs.

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