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Employee Database

All of your company data in one place.

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Employee Data, Streamlined

Striven consolidates contact details, job title, and employment history into a single, easy to access platform. With role and permission assignment and shift and schedule management, your workforce will never be more organized.


  • Comprehensive Employee Information
  • Role and Permissions Assignment
  • Shift and Schedule Management
  • Job Title and Staffing Level Management

Comprehensive Employee Information

Input detailed employee information, including name, emergency contact, employment info (start date, manager, location, job title), and copy templates between employees.

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View of the View Direct Permissions popup showing how to remove access to a permission

Role and Permissions Assignment

Assign roles and permissions to each employee, ensuring they have appropriate access levels within the system. Manage security and ensure that employees can only access information relevant to their roles​

Shift and Schedule Management

Create and edit shifts, designate default shifts for new employees by role, and manage break times, work hours, and PTO.

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Profile of a landscaping specialist in Striven and approval of contract

Job Title and Staffing Level Management

Define job titles, associate those with specific responsibilities, and set desired staffing levels. Understand how well-staffed your organization is in different roles and manage every element of job-related information.

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“Striven is a great alternative to QuickBooks.”


“Unlike QuickBooks, Striven has a great customer service support team to help with your setup and any future needs.”
—Brandon C, Bookkeeping for General Contractors


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What information can I store in the employee database?


    The employee database allows you to store comprehensive information, including contact details, job titles, employment history, start dates, managers, locations, and more.

  • Can I assign roles and permissions through the employee database?


    Yes, Striven’s employee database supports role and permission assignments, ensuring that employees have appropriate access levels within the system.

  • Does the employee database integrate with other Striven features?


    Absolutely, the employee database integrates seamlessly with other features such as shift and schedule management, optimizing resource allocation and workforce efficiency.

  • Can I copy settings from one employee to another?


    Yes, Striven allows you to copy relevant information from one employee’s record to another, saving time in configuring new employee profiles.

  • Is it possible to track employee shifts and schedules?


    Yes, the employee database includes tools for managing employee shifts and schedules, helping ensure proper coverage and efficient workforce management.

  • Can employees update their own information in the database?


    With appropriate permissions, employees can update their own information, ensuring that the database remains current and accurate.

  • How does the employee database help with onboarding new hires?


    The database supports the onboarding process by allowing the creation of new employee profiles using candidate records, streamlining the transition from candidate to employee.

  • Is it possible to set up notifications for changes in employee information?


    Yes, you can configure the system to send notifications to designated recipients when changes are made to employee information, ensuring transparency and timely updates.

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