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Gantt Chart

Empower, plan, and coordinate your projects.

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There’s Nothing You ‘Gantt’ Do

By visualizing project timelines, dependencies, and progress, Striven helps you keep projects on track and adjust dynamically to changes.


  • Task Dependencies and Sequencing
  • Milestone Tracking
  • Resource Allocation Visualization
  • Progress Tracking

Task Dependencies and Sequencing

Ensure that project tasks are always completed in the correct order, streamlining workflows and preventing bottlenecks.

Tasks & Team Summary, Striven Efficiency Reporting
striven milestone tracking

Milestone Tracking

Set, monitor, and achieve key project milestones, providing clear indicators of project progress and facilitating timely goal attainment.

Resource Allocation Visualization

Users can see how resources are distributed across projects and tasks, ensuring optimal utilization and preventing overallocation of people or inventory.

striven resource allocation tools
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Progress Tracking

Get real-time updates on project status, helping everyone stay informed about project timelines, deliverables, and overall performance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does Striven handle changes to project timelines in the Gantt chart?


    Striven allows for easy project timeline adjustments with its intuitive Gantt chart interface. Users can drag and drop tasks to reschedule and automatically update dependent tasks.

  • Can Striven’s Gantt charts scale to large projects with many tasks?


    Yes, Striven’s Gantt charts are designed to handle any-sized projects with any number of tasks without performance degradation. The system supports zooming in and out to view different layers of detail, from broad overviews to minute-by-minute scheduling.

  • What kind of reporting can I do with Striven’s Gantt charts?


    Striven generates detailed reports based on data from Gantt charts, including project timelines, resource allocation reports, deadline management, and progress tracking. These reports provide essential insights for project review and strategic planning.

  • How does Striven enable team collaboration with Gantt charts?


    Striven improves team collaboration by allowing multiple users to view and edit Gantt charts simultaneously. Changes are reflected in real time, giving all team members the most current information. Discussion threads and task comments can be attached directly to tasks in the Gantt chart.

  • Is Striven’s Gantt chart functionality integrated with other project management tools?


    Striven’s Gantt charts are fully integrated with its task management, document management, and communication tools, providing a unified platform for all aspects of project management and information flow.

  • How are Striven’s Gantt charts used for risk management?


    You can use Striven’s Gantt charts to identify potential risks by visualizing where bottlenecks or overlaps might occur in the project schedule. Setting early warning alerts for deadlines and critical path monitoring can identify issues  before they unduly impact the project.

  • Can I customize the appearance of the Gantt charts in Striven?


    Yes, Striven allows you to customize the appearance of Gantt charts, including colors, taskbar sizes, gridlines, and more. This customization helps highlight different phases, departments, or priorities within a project, making the chart more informative and easier to read.

  • How does Striven handle historical data and lessons learned for future projects?


    Striven stores historical project data, including original timelines and changes made during the project. This archive can be analyzed to understand what went well and what didn’t, providing valuable lessons for planning future projects and improved scheduling and resource allocation.

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