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Inventory Control

A better way to manage your stock.

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Master Your Inventory, Boost Your Bottom Line

Leveraging real-time data, Striven not only simplifies tracking but also empowers businesses with actionable insights to optimize stock levels, reduce waste, and elevate profitability.


  • Minimum Stock Levels
  • Inventory Replenishment
  • Quality Control Checks
  • Loss Prevention

Minimum Stock Levels

Striven helps to prevents stockouts and overstocking by dynamically setting minimum stock levels.

Utilizing historical sales data and predictive analytics, it automatically adjusts these thresholds to reflect seasonal demand fluctuations and market trends.

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Inventory Replenishment

Say goodbye to manual reorder processes. Striven automates inventory replenishment with precision, calculating optimal order quantities based on sales velocity, lead times, and current stock levels.

This feature supports just-in-time inventory practices, minimizing holding costs while maximizing order fulfillment rates.

Quality Control Checks

Before stock enters your inventory, it undergoes rigorous quality control checks tailored to your specifications.

This proactive approach safeguards your brand reputation, ensures compliance with industry standards, and reduces the cost implications of returns and replacements.

Loss Prevention

Striven tackles inventory shrinkage head-on with advanced loss prevention tools. By integrating surveillance, auditing features, and discrepancy reporting into one platform, Striven highlights vulnerabilities in real time.

This enables businesses to swiftly address theft, damage, and misplacements, preserving the bottom line.

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“Striven saves me so much time.”


“Not having to bounce between separate tools that don’t integrate well with each other is one of the most significant benefits for me. ”
—Ian Anderson, Associate Product Manager


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does Striven adapt to seasonal changes in inventory demand?


    Striven uses predictive analytics to adjust minimum stock levels and reorder quantities based on historical sales data and trend forecasting. This ensures optimal stock levels year-round, adapting to seasonal demand effortlessly.

  • Can Striven help reduce excess inventory and associated costs?


    Absolutely. By setting precise minimum stock levels and automating replenishment, Striven ensures you purchase only what you need, when you need it, avoiding unnecessary overstock and reducing holding costs.

  • How does Striven ensure the quality of incoming inventory?


    Striven mandates customizable quality control checks before inventory is accepted into the system. This process ensures that every item meets your specified standards, reducing the need for costly returns and replacements.

  • What measures does Striven have in place for loss prevention?


    Striven incorporates real-time surveillance, auditing, and discrepancy reporting to quickly identify and address sources of inventory shrinkage, including theft, damage, and misplacement.

  • How does Striven’s inventory system integrate with other business operations?


    Striven seamlessly connects inventory management with sales, purchasing, and financial systems within a single platform. This integration provides a holistic view of your business operations, enhancing decision-making and operational efficiency.

  • Can Striven handle inventory management for multiple locations?


    Yes, Striven is designed to manage inventory across multiple warehouses and retail locations, offering real-time visibility and control over stock levels, transfers, and replenishment across your entire operation.

  • How does Striven’s automation feature work for inventory replenishment?


    Striven calculates the optimal reorder quantity for each product, factoring in sales velocity, lead times, and current stock levels to automate the replenishment process, ensuring timely orders while minimizing surplus stock.

  • How can Striven help in reducing the environmental impact of inventory management?


    By optimizing stock levels and reducing the need for overproduction and excess inventory, Striven contributes to sustainable inventory practices. This not only lowers your carbon footprint but also aligns with eco-conscious consumer expectations.

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