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Job Costing

Master your project profitability.

Make Every Job Your Best Job

 By tracking labor, materials, and overhead costs, Striven offers a clear view of financial performance, helping you make informed decisions and maximize profitability on every job.


  • Materials Cost Tracking
  • Labor Cost Tracking
  • Overhead Allocation
  • Job Cost Reporting

Materials Cost Tracking

Accurately track materials cost for each job for precise budgeting and cost control.

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Labor Cost Tracking

Monitor labor costs in real-time to help maintain profitability.

Overhead Allocation

Assign overhead costs to each job for more accurate job costing.

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Job Cost Reporting

Generate detailed financial reports to gain insights into every job’s profitability and make informed business decisions.

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“Striven saves me so much time.”


“Not having to bounce between separate tools that don’t integrate well with each other is one of the most significant benefits for me. ”
—Ian Anderson, Associate Product Manager


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does Striven manage job cost variances?


    Striven identifies job cost variances by comparing up-to-date actual costs against budgeted costs. This helps stakeholders understand where costs are deviating from projections, enabling them to quickly take corrective actions to stay on budget.

  • Can Striven allocate costs to each component of a project and individual tasks?


    Yes, Striven can assign costs to every part of a project or tasks within a job. This granularity helps to understand exactly where funds are being spent and which parts of the project are skewing more costly than anticipated.

  • What reports can I generate within Striven’s job costing system?


    With Striven, you can generate a wide range of job costing reports, including detailed cost breakdowns, project profitability reports, variance analyses, and historical cost reports. These reports help in tracking performance over time and in making better decisions based on accurate information.

  • How does Striven’s job costing feature integrate with project management?


    Striven’s job costing is fully integrated with project management, allowing for seamless communication between cost tracking and project activities. This integration helps ensure that all project-related expenses are captured and attributed correctly, supporting effective project oversight and management.

  • Is Striven’s job costing suitable for businesses with multiple ongoing projects?


    Striven’s job costing system is designed to handle multiple projects simultaneously, providing each project manager with the right tools and data needed to manage their specific projects regardless of scale or complexity.

  • How can I use Striven to improve the accuracy of future project bids or estimates?


    By analyzing historical job costing data within Striven, you can maintain the accuracy of future project bids or estimates. Insights gained from past projects help refine your costing models, ensuring that future bids are both competitive and profitable.

  • Can I customize the cost categories in Striven to match my business’s chart of accounts?


    Yes, Striven allows you to customize cost categories to match your business’s chart of accounts. Customization ensures that financial reporting aligns with your existing accounting practices and makes it easier to integrate job costing data with your overall financial statements.

  • How does Striven handle overhead attribution in job costing?


    Striven provides flexible overhead allocation methods, allowing you to distribute overhead costs based on labor hours, material costs, or other bases. This feature ensures that overhead is accurately reflected in the cost of each job, providing a true picture of job profitability.

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