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Job Management

Manage every job with precision.

Make Every Job Your Best Job

Designed to maximize productivity, this tool ensures that every project is delivered on time, within budget, and to the highest quality standards.


  • Job Scheduling
  • Resource Allocation
  • Task Assignment and Tracking
  • Job Status Reporting

Job Scheduling

Schedule jobs to maximize resource utilization and meet deadlines.

striven integrated scheduling tools
striven resource allocation tools

Resource Allocation

Effectively allocate people and equipment to ensure optimal job performance and minimize downtime.

Task Assignment and Tracking

Assign and track tasks to maintain project visibility and increase on-time completions.

Tasks & Team Summary, Striven Efficiency Reporting
striven labor management

Job Status Reporting

Monitor each job’s status with up-to-date progress reports, keeping all stakeholders informed and jobs on track.

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“Striven saves me so much time.”


“Not having to bounce between separate tools that don’t integrate well with each other is one of the most significant benefits for me. ”
—Ian Anderson, Associate Product Manager


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does Striven ensure that all team members are aligned on their tasks?


    Striven uses centralized task lists and shared project dashboards to ensure all team members have up-to-date information on responsibilities and deadlines. Automated notifications and reminders keep everyone in sync and up to speed on changes and upcoming tasks.

  • Can Striven handle job management for simultaneous projects?


    Yes. Striven is designed to manage multiple projects by providing managers and teams the right tools to track tasks and deadlines across different jobs without losing focus.

  • What kind of collaboration tools are embedded within Striven’s job management system?


    Striven includes a range of collaboration tools that includes shared calendars, discussion boards, document sharing, and direct messaging. These tools make communication and collaboration within teams easy and intuitive, enhancing information flow and project coordination.

  • How does Striven’s job management feature integrate with client management or CRM systems?


    Striven’s job management is fully integrated with client management and CRM systems, ensuring that all customer-related data and interactions are linked with job tasks. This integration provides a holistic view of client needs and project requirements, improving service delivery and customer satisfaction

  • Is Striven’s job management system customizable to fit industry-specific needs?


    Of course. Striven’s job management system is highly customizable, allowing businesses to tailor workflows, task types, and reporting to meet the specific needs of their industry, whether it’s construction, IT, manufacturing, or professional services.

  • How can I use Striven to track and manage job costs effectively?


    Striven enables effective job cost tracking by allowing you to assign costs to specific tasks and resources. Budget tracking and variance reports help monitor financial performance, helping jobs remain profitable and on budget.

  • Can I automate repetitive tasks within the job management process using Striven?


    Striven allows you to automate repetitive tasks within its workflow automation engine with features like automatic task creation, notifications based on predefined rules, and updates that all save time and reduce manual effort.

  • How does Striven handle revisions within ongoing jobs?


    Striven provides flexible change management features that allow you to update tasks and personnel assignments easily. Version control and change logs ensure that all modifications are tracked and documented, providing transparency and maintaining the integrity of project planning and execution.

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