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Journal Processing

Advanced processing software for all journal entries.

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Consistency is Key

By providing real-time validation and seamless integration with your general ledger, Striven enhances the accuracy and efficiency of your accounting operations.


  • Automated Journal Entry Creation
  • Recurring Journal Entries
  • Journal Approval Workflow
  • Audit Trail

Automated Journal Entry Creation

Simplify bookkeeping with automated journal entries, reducing manual effort and the risk of errors.

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Recurring Journal Entries

 Easily set up and manage recurring journal entries to save time.

Journal Approval Workflow

Ensure accuracy and compliance with a structured approval process for all journal entries.

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Audit Trail

Maintain clear audit trails, enhancing transparency and accountability.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does Striven automate the creation of journal entries?


    Striven automates journal entries by applying predefined rules to transactions as they occur, ensuring that all financial activities are immediately and accurately reflected in the ledger without manual intervention.

  • Can Striven handle complex journal entries for large businesses?


    Yes, Striven is designed to handle a large volume of data and the most complex journal entries, making it suitable for businesses of all sizes, including those with extensive and intricate financial transactions.

  • What kind of reports can I generate using Striven’s journal processing data?


    You can generate a variety of financial reports, including trial balances, income statements, balance sheets, and detailed ledger reports, all utilizing the latest processed journal data for accuracy and completeness.

  • How does real-time data validation in Striven enhance data integrity?


    Striven’s real-time data validation checks entries for errors and inconsistencies as they are entered, ensuring that only correct data is posted to your ledger, thereby maintaining the integrity and reliability of your financial reports.

  • Is Striven’s journal processing feature compatible with international accounting standards?


    Absolutely—Striven supports various international accounting standards, including IFRS and GAAP, ensuring that your journal processing is compliant with global regulatory requirements.

  • How does batch processing improve efficiency in Striven’s journal processing?


    Batch processing in Striven allows you to group and process multiple entries simultaneously, significantly speeding up the accounting cycle and reducing the time spent on manual data entry.

  • Can I customize the approval workflows in Striven for journal entries?


    Yes, Striven allows you to customize approval workflows for journal entries, enabling you to set up multiple levels of review and approval based on your business’s specific processes and controls.

  • How does the integration with the general ledger work in Striven to ensure accuracy?


    Striven’s integration with the general ledger is seamless, automatically updating the ledger whenever journal entries are posted. This synchronization ensures that your financial reports are always based on the most accurate and up-to-date information.

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