Calendars and Scheduling

Make Every Minute Count

Calendars and Scheduling

Keep your team in sync and your work flowing smoothly.

Turn Chaos Into Coordination

Say goodbye to missed meetings and overdue tasks, and hello to a smooth, efficient workflow.

Striven calendar and scheduling with custom filters for multiple people

Scheduling Made Simple

No more double-booked meetings or overlooked tasks.

  • Time Tracking
  • Smart Notifications
  • Google Calendar Integration
  • Integrated Calendars
  • Advanced Customization
  • Event Management
  • Task/Project Compatibility
  • Custom Calendars

Striven Makes Scheduling Simple

Every tool you need to stay organized, all in one app.

Time Tracking

Generate insights into how long tasks, projects, and jobs take. Easily make informed decisions about resources, costs, and processes.

Tasks & Team Summary, Striven Efficiency Reporting
Custom reminder settings screen for Striven Calendar

Smart Notifications

Being on time is half the battle. Utilize Striven’s smart notifications to keep meetings, deadlines, and projects on time and on track.

Google Calendar Integration

Sync up any of your Google Calendar appointments directly onto Striven, and vice versa.

Google Calendar integration logo with two meeting appointments
Hours by employee, Task Events by employee, and adding an Event through the Striven scheduling system

Integrated Calendars

See your entire business at a glance. Customize your layout and sort by employees, projects, tasks, appointments, or whatever makes the most sense for your business.

Advanced Customization

Striven offers to the ability to filter your schedule exactly how you want it. View the things you want, your way.

Event Management

Avoid clashes and overlaps, ensuring a seamless flow of events, while also offering automated reminders for important milestones.

Integrated Project & Task Management

Streamline the organization and execution of projects by centralizing all tasks, milestones, and resources directly in your Striven scheduling tool.

Custom Calendars

By tailoring your schedules, events, and reminders, you can ensure that your time is organized and optimized.

Striven customer review rating 5 stars


“What I like best about Striven is the calendar.”


“I like it the most because it lays out sales orders and tasks.”
—G2 Reviewer, Field Services Industry


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I sync the Striven calendar with other calendar apps?


    Yes! Striven allow you to sync your calendar with other calendar applications like Google Calendar, Outlook, etc. This can help ensure that all your appointments and tasks are in one place and easily accessible.

  • Can I set reminders for projects, tasks, and appointments?


    Yes, Striven allows you to set reminders for tasks, appointments, meetings, and whatever else you want to be reminded of. This can help ensure that nothing is forgotten or overlooked.

  • Is my calendar shareable?


    Yes, Striven allows you to share your calendar with other users as well as sending personalized meeting invites. This can be useful for coordinating tasks and appointments with colleagues and those outside of your organization.

  • What kind of support does Striven offer?


    Striven offers a comprehensive array of support services including phone support, chat support, guides, instructional videos, and a community discussion board. We’re always here to help!

  • Are Striven’s calendar and scheduling features available on mobile?


    Yes, Striven is designed to be accessible from a variety of devices, including mobile phones and tablets. This can allow you to manage your schedule even when you’re on the go.

  • How is Striven different than Monday, Jobber, or Smartsheet?


    In addition to providing a low cost, highly customizable alternative to other software solutions, we offer core features in the cloud that others don’t. From fully integrated accounting to inventory management and more, Striven is a true all-in-one software solution!

    Unlike many other software services, Striven’s customer support team and usability consistently rank among the highest all-in-one management software systems on G2 and Capterra.

  • Does Striven offer personalized training?


    Yes! Training and support from the Striven Success Team on calendars & scheduling (and every other feature) is included within all Striven plans.

  • Can I use the Striven calendar to predict future workload and resource requirements?


    Yes, Striven has the ability to generate reports that will allow you to use predictive analytics that can analyze past data and use it to predict future trends. This can help you anticipate future workload and resource requirements, and plan accordingly.

  • Can my calendar be shared with outside vendors and contractors?


    Yes! Your calendar can be viewed by anyone you allow. You can even send a personalized meeting invite to anyone within or outside of your organization.

  • Will my business outgrow Striven?


    No! Striven adapts to your evolving needs, providing scalable solutions that support both you and your business’s growth over the long term.

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