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Project Tracking

Precise and agile tracking for all of your work.

Transform Complexity Into Clarity

Streamline your workflows by illuminating actionable insights, fostering a culture of accountability, efficiency, and success.

  • Task Management
  • Time Tracking
  • Resource Allocation & Management
  • Budgeting Tools

Task Management

Improve your productivity by always knowing what’s on your list and using smart filters to prioritize all of your work.

Organize tasks, set priorities, and assign responsibilities with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

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Time Tracking

Efficient, auditable, and error-free time tracking.

Track time and attendance, submit on-the-job expenses, manage sick time and PTO, and much more.

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Resource Allocation

By offering a comprehensive overview of all project resources – from personnel to equipment – Striven facilitates informed decision-making.

Dynamic scheduling tools and visual resource timelines ensure optimal utilization while preempting bottlenecks.

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Budgeting Tools

Gain real-time visibility into project finances so that you can track expenses, forecast costs, and adjust allocations on the fly.

With customizable reports and alerts for when projects approach or exceed budgets, Striven turns financial management into a strategic asset.


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“We use Striven extensively for project tracking.
We’ve found it to be a seamless solution.”


—Lil D., G2 Review


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does Striven ensure data accuracy in time tracking?


    Striven utilizes automated time capture and user verification methods to ensure the data’s precision. This includes the ability to log time directly on tasks, with options for manual adjustments overseen by project managers, ensuring both accuracy and accountability.

  • Can I customize task workflows in Striven?


    Absolutely. Striven allows for fully customizable task workflows, enabling you to define stages that match your project’s specific needs. This flexibility ensures that the system adapts to your processes, not the other way around.

  • Is it possible to manage resources across multiple projects?


    Yes, Striven provides a holistic view of all resources across projects, facilitating efficient allocation. With our dynamic scheduling and forecasting tools, you can ensure optimal resource utilization without overcommitment.

  • How does Striven help in staying within budget?


    Striven’s real-time budget tracking and forecasting tools offer visibility into your financial performance. Custom alerts warn you of potential overruns, while detailed reports help in making informed decisions to keep finances on track.

  • Can Striven adapt to varying project sizes and complexities?


    Striven is designed to scale with your projects, from simple tasks to complex, multi-layered initiatives. Its versatile framework supports an array of project types, sizes, and complexities with equal finesse.

  • How does collaboration work within Striven’s project tracking?


    Striven promotes seamless collaboration through integrated communication tools, shared calendars, and document management systems. This ensures that everyone on the team stays informed and engaged, regardless of their location.

  • What kind of reports can I generate to analyze project performance?


    Striven offers a wide range of customizable reports, including task progress, time allocation, resource utilization, and budgetary analyses. These insights empower managers to make data-driven decisions for future project optimizations.

  • How user-friendly is Striven for new team members?


    With an intuitive interface and comprehensive support materials, including tutorials and customer service, Striven is designed for quick adoption by new users, ensuring your team can hit the ground running with minimal onboarding time.

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