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Streamline your procurement process.

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Automate Your Purchasing

By automating order placement, tracking vendor performance, and optimizing inventory management, Striven helps you maintain the perfect balance between cost, quality, and supply continuity.


  • Purchase Order Creation
  • Vendor Management
  • Spend Analysis
  • Purchase Requisition Workflow

Purchase Order Creation

Simplify the creation and management of purchase orders to make your procurement process more accurate and efficient..

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Vendor Management

Streamline vendor relationships and performance tracking to optimize procurement and supplier collaboration.

Spend Analysis

Analyze spending patterns to identify cost-saving opportunities and improve financial decision-making.

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Purchase Requisition Workflow

Automate the purchase requisition process to maintain timely approvals and efficient procurement.

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“Striven saves me so much time.”


“Not having to bounce between separate tools that don’t integrate well with each other is one of the most significant benefits for me. ”
—Ian Anderson, Associate Product Manager


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does Striven handle emergency or rush orders in the purchasing process?


    Striven includes functionality to expedite emergency or rush orders, allowing you to prioritize and fast-track processing for urgent needs. Notifications and alerts can be set to inform relevant team members instantly, ensuring that critical orders are handled promptly.

  • Can Striven suggest alternative vendors if a preferred supplier is unable to fulfill an order?


    Yes, Striven can suggest alternative vendors based on past performance data and the availability of required items. This helps maintain continuity in supply chains by recommending reliable alternatives when primary vendors face stock or delivery issues.

  • What kind of analytics and reporting can I generate with Striven’s purchasing system?


    With Striven, you can generate a wide range of reports, including purchase order summaries, vendor performance analytics, spending trends, and compliance with procurement policies. These reports provide valuable insights into your purchasing operations and help identify opportunities for cost savings and efficiency improvements.

  • How does Striven ensure adherence to procurement policies and regulations?


    Striven’s purchasing system includes compliance checks and validations against company policies and external regulations. Customizable workflows and approval processes ensure that every transaction complies with established guidelines.

  • Is Striven’s purchasing system suitable for global operations with multi-currency transactions?


    Striven supports global operations by handling multi-currency transactions and accommodating different tax rates and regulations. This capability ensures that businesses operating in multiple countries can manage their purchasing processes efficiently, in compliance with local requirements.

  • How can I use Striven to improve vendor negotiations and contracts?


    Striven’s vendor management features allow you to track and analyze vendor performance over time for leverage in negotiations. By using historical data and performance metrics, you can negotiate better terms, discounts, and delivery schedules based on well-documented vendor reliability and quality.

  • How does Striven help with budget control and cost management in the purchasing process?


    Striven offers robust budget control features, allowing businesses to set spending limits and track expenditures against budgets in real-time. The software provides detailed cost analysis reports, helping organizations identify cost-saving opportunities and make informed purchasing decisions. Additionally, it supports multi-level approval workflows to ensure compliance with budgetary constraints.

  • How does Striven handle changes in purchase orders or vendor agreements?


    Striven allows for flexible management of purchase orders and vendor agreements, enabling adjustments and updates as needed. Change requests are processed through established approval workflows, allowing all modifications to be reviewed and authorized appropriately while maintaining transparency and control throughout the process.

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