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Subscription Billing

Manage recurring invoices, payments, and revenue all in one app.

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In the dynamic landscape of subscription-based services, having a robust ERP software ensures compliance with financial regulations, enhances customer satisfaction, and helps maintain a healthy cash flow.


  • Automated Billing & Invoicing
  • Prorated Billing
  • Revenue Reporting
  • Dunning Management
  • Self-Service Portals

Automated Billing & Invoicing

Automatic generate and send invoices to customers at the start of each billing cycle, ensuring timely and consistent billing without manual intervention.

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Revenue Recognition and Reporting

Accurately recognize and report subscription revenue in compliance with financial standards (e.g., ASC 606/IFRS 15), providing real-time visibility into financial performance.

Prorated Billing

Adjust billing amounts to reflect partial subscription periods, ensuring customers are billed accurately when upgrading, downgrading, or changing their subscription mid-cycle.

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Dunning Management

Automate the process of communicating with customers about failed payments, ensuring timely collection of revenues and maintaining cash flow stability.

Self-Service Portals

Allows customers, clients, and vendors to manage their subscriptions online, including upgrades, downgrades, and cancellations, enhancing customer satisfaction and reducing administrative workload.

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“Unlike QuickBooks, Striven has a great customer service support team to help with your setup and any future needs.”
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What subscription billing models does Striven support?


    Striven accommodates a variety of billing models, including but not limited to, tiered, usage-based, and flat-rate subscriptions. This flexibility allows businesses to tailor their billing to match their offerings and customer preferences.

  • How does Striven handle automated billing and invoicing?


    Striven automates the entire billing process, from invoice generation to sending them to customers, according to the billing cycle you set. This ensures timely, accurate, and consistent billing with minimal manual intervention.

  • Can Striven manage prorated billing for subscription changes?


    Yes, Striven expertly handles prorated billing, automatically calculating adjustments for any subscription changes mid-cycle, ensuring fair and accurate billing for both upgrades and downgrades.

  • Does Striven offer revenue recognition and reporting?


    Striven provides comprehensive revenue recognition and reporting capabilities, compliant with accounting standards such as ASC 606/IFRS 15. It offers real-time financial insights, helping businesses maintain transparency and accuracy in their financials.

  • Is there a customer self-service portal within Striven?


    Striven includes a customer self-service portal that allows subscribers to manage their subscriptions online, including updates, cancellations, and viewing their billing history, enhancing customer satisfaction and reducing administrative tasks.

  • How does Striven handle failed payments and dunning management?


    Striven automates the dunning process, sending out reminders and notifications for failed payments, helping businesses improve their collection processes and maintain a steady cash flow.

  • What insights can I gain from Striven’s subscription metrics and analytics?


    With Striven, businesses gain access to vital subscription metrics such as churn rate, customer lifetime value, and recurring revenue, enabling strategic decision-making and fostering growth through data-driven insights.

  • How customizable is the billing feature in Striven for unique business needs?


    Striven’s subscription billing feature offers high levels of customization, allowing businesses to tailor billing cycles, invoice templates, and communication preferences to fit their unique needs and branding, ensuring a personalized experience for their customers.

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