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Getting Started

Utilizing Striven


  • Overview


    Once you have configured your Striven system and migrated your Data, it is time to use Striven to the fullest. We have gathered resources on common topics regarding processes, and day to day operations. This guide provides insight into Troubleshooting Sign On Concerns, Deposits, and Printable Formats.

  • Troubleshooting Sign On


    Sign On Concerns can happen to anyone, whether it is a Customer or Vendor signing onto the Portal, or an Employee signing onto the system for the work day. Our most frequent concerns have been documented in a helpful Community Post that was created to assist you in helping your Customers and Employees access their respective portals.

  • Advance Deposits


    With minor setup, Advance Deposits can be recorded with ease in Striven. Advance Deposits can be beneficial in cases where you are performing a custom order or service for a customer where it is required they put money down on the order up front.

  • Prepayment for Inventory


    You may find there are occasions when a Vendor requires payment for items ordered, prior to the Purchase Order being fulfilled. In this event, an Inventory Prepayment is necessary. This can be accomplished with a few different methods within Striven.

  • Page Breaks in Printable Formats


    Many areas within Striven utilize Printable Formats, and Printable Formats can be used in very dynamic ways from Simple Sales Order formats to Packing Lists. You will find when editing these formats that minor HTML coding is necessary to customize them to your liking. One of these scenarios occurs when you need to add a page break into your format.