10 Best Zoho ERP Alternatives

10 Best Zoho ERP Alternatives
(2022 Edition)

Many large scale ERP software systems have a lot of functionality built in—CRM capabilities, accounting tools, document management services, and so on and so forth.

But just because an ERP software has all of these features doesn’t necessarily mean that every software is right for every business. Lots of software contains a plethora of features, but not every software can mold to fit every businesses needs—especially at the right price.

When it comes to finding the right ERP for your service business, here are some features that you should look for:

Long shadow accounting icon

Accounting and financial reporting

Long shadow document management icon

Centralized document management

Long shadow customer service icon

Client and contractor management

Long shadow human resources & lead generation icon

Customer and vendor management portals

all in one business management software mobile access

Mobile device compatibility

Long shadow crm & sales icon

CRM and sales

Long shadow project management icon

Project and task management

Long shadow skills match icon

Applicant tracking system

Long shadow inventory icon

Inventory management

Long shadow tasks by type icon

Custom productivity reporting

Long shadow chat icon

Intra-company communication

Long shadow support icon

Knowledgeable, in-house customer support

Lots of businesses turn to a Zoho ERP solution when they need a business management software solution, but with so many software solutions out there, it can be tough to know exactly what you need.

Don’t worry, there’s good news—finding a Zoho ERP alternative for your growing business has never been easier.

Finding a software solution from a company that your business can trust day in and day out can be a difficult and arduous process. But it doesn’t always have to be—we’re here to help. Our software experts have compiled a comprehensive breakdown of the 10 best Zoho ERP alternative software solutions on the market in 2022.

*Note: Our ERP software reviews are for informational purposes only. We encourage you to perform research and demo systems to achieve the most comprehensive comparison.

1. Striven

Striven Logo

Striven is an ERP software solution that combines accounting, CRM, project management, HR, operations, and more into one, easy to use interface. Striven is a diversely capable software solution that supports both front and back-office personnel. Striven’s extremely customizable software suits a variety of industries such as professional services, manufacturing, construction, and real estate.


Green checkmarkDetailed financial and productivity reports generated in seconds

Green checkmarkCommunication portals for customers, vendors, and subcontractors

Green checkmarkProject, task, and time management w/ interactive calendars

Green checkmarkFull CRM dashboard

Green checkmarkApplicant tracking system

Green checkmarkInventory management

Green checkmarkCustomizable dashboards for each employee

Green checkmarkEmployee biographies and a company newsfeed for remote culture building

What Sets It Apart: Striven’s expert team of business analysts personally see to your success. From training and onboarding, technical support, and business-specific customizations, the Striven support staff is available 24/7. On top of that, Striven’s automation capabilities allow you to work more efficiently.

Pricing: Free trial and custom demo, packages begin at $35/user.

More info: Striven Wins 3 Best Of 2021 Awards

2. Acumatica

acumatica erp logo

Acumatica is a business management software that enables you and your entire organization to work from anywhere by enabling remote access to accounting, CRM, financials, and more.


Green checkmark

Project cost and budget tracking

Green checkmarkVisibility of pre and post sale contracts

Green checkmarkAdvanced data analysis toolkit

What Sets It Apart: Reports generated by Acumatica’s proprietary business intelligence software have been proven effective during the remote work era.

Pricing: Varies by product and by industry.

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3. SAP

sap logo

SAP is a set of software solutions that handles processes such as data management, marketing, and asset management.


Green checkmarkUses machine learning to improve business processes

Green checkmarkTracks supply chains from beginning to end

Green checkmarkAble to be used across any kind of business or industry

What Sets It Apart: Reports that are generated through its business intelligence platform are easy to read and accurate.

Pricing: Varies by plan, package, industry, and company size.

4. ePromis ERP

epromis erp logo

ePromis ERP is an all-in-one business management software that handles ERP, CRM, and business intelligence capabilities using an AI powered, mobile-first platform.


Green checkmarkSupply chain management software

Green checkmarkFinancial report generation

Green checkmarkProcurement management capabilities

What Sets It Apart: ePromis uses AI powered technology to produce better managerial efficiency metrics, advanced fraud prevention, and better budget management strategies.

Pricing: Plans vary by industry and modules selected.

5. Scoro

scoro logo

Scoro is an easy-to-use collaborative platform that manages CRM, projects, and financial data. Scoro tracks and presents financial data in manageable reports from all of your clients, customers, and projects.


Green checkmarkReal-time CRM dashboard

Green checkmarkFinancial and productivity reports

Green checkmarkShared calendar and meeting scheduling tool

What Sets It Apart: Scoro helps streamline the processes that exist within your business. With customizable CRM features, Scoro provides solutions across many different industries.

Pricing: Packages begin at $26/month.

6. Microsoft Dynamics 365

microsoft dynamics 365 logo

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a customer-centric interface that handles various processes including CRM, customer data management, and customer service.


Green checkmarkAllows for swift transition to the cloud

Green checkmarkOffers self-service HR experiences

Green checkmarkFriction-free digital selling interface

What Sets It Apart: They are backed by Microsoft’s global cloud network and support teams.

Pricing: Varies by plan, package, industry, and company size.

7. Canopy

canopy erp logo

Canopy created a connected financial experience for businesses and their clients with client portal dashboards, secure file exchange methods, and e-signature based payment platforms.


Green checkmarkSupports more than 350 federal and state tax notices

Green checkmarkHelps resolve liens and levies

Green checkmarkCustom report generation

What Sets It Apart: The Canopy platform is available on both Apple and Android mobile devices.

Pricing: Free for up to 20 contacts, standard package begins at $89.

8. Tecsys

tecsys logo all in one erp

SAP is a supply chain and distribution ERP that works with distributors, retail managers, and healthcare professionals.


Green checkmarkScalable platform

Green checkmarkManage purchase-to-pay solutions

Green checkmarkMulti-company financial reporting

What Sets It Apart: Tecsys allows businesses to automate rules to set up specific sources of supply at the customer and/or SKU level.

Pricing: Varies by package, available after consultation.

9. Orion ERP

Orion is an ERP software solution that caters to medium and large sized businesses with a focus on financial management and accounting.


Green checkmarkMulti-branch reception, invoicing, and cheque processing

Green checkmarkAutomated supplier payments

Green checkmarkAbility to offer discounted payments

What Sets It Apart: Orion ERP offers both cloud and on-premise solutions.

Pricing: Pricing available upon request.

10. Holded

holded logo all in one erp

Holded is a cloud-based ERP software for small businesses that manages sales, finance, operations, and human resources.


Green checkmarkControl payment deadlines

Green checkmarkAutomatic bank reconciliation

Green checkmarkCustomize sales funnels and processes

What Sets It Apart: Holded includes a full HR management system that handles features such as absence management, payroll management, and contract management.

Pricing: Plans begin at $29.79/month.

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