The 12 Best Pool & Spa Management Software Solutions of 2023

The 12 Best Pool & Spa Management Software Solutions of 2024

For both residential and B2B services businesses, including those in the Pool & Spa industry, there is a host of software solutions that perform any number of critical business management functions. Some focus on management and organizational tools, while others address individual functions like CRM or dispatching. Some software only addresses accounting and financial management tools. But the best Pool & Spa management software systems? They focus on everything—CRM, projects, communication, accounting, asset management, HR, and more.

But just because a Pool & Spa management software solution addresses all of these features doesn’t necessarily mean that every software solution is right for every Pool & Spa business. There are software platforms that contain all of the features that Pool & Spa specialists need, but not every one of these software solutions can mold to fit the needs of small and growing businesses—especially at the right price.

When it comes to finding the right management software solution for your agency, here are some features that you should look for:

Long shadow project management icon

Project Management

Long shadow scheduling icon

Smart Scheduling

all in one business management software mobile access

Mobile Friendly

Long shadow document management icon

Document Storage

Long shadow tasks & assignments icon

Asset Management

Long shadow nonprofit accounting icon

Client Billing

Long shadow photo upload icon

Photo Upload

Long shadow reporting & goal tracking icon

Custom Reporting

Long shadow payroll management icon

Performance Metrics

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Long shadow time management icon

Time Tracking

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Skills Match

For a lot of small and growing businesses, it’s not always easy to find the right business management software. With so many choices out there, it can be hard to know which Pool & Spa business management software solution really fits the unique needs of your business.

Don’t worry, there’s good news—finding the right software for your business has never been easier.

We’re here to help. Our software experts have compiled a comprehensive breakdown of The 12 Best Pool & Spa Management Software Solutions of 2024.

*Note: Our Pool & Spa software reviews are for informational purposes only. We encourage you to perform research and demo systems to achieve the most comprehensive comparison.

1. Striven

Striven Logo

Striven is a business management software solution built with Pool & Spa Businesses in mind. Our sophisticated software combines project management, collaboration tools, accounting, CRM, HR, operations, inventory management, (and so much more) into a single, easy-to-use interface. Striven is a diversely capable software solution that supports every type of employee within your business.


  • Detailed financial and productivity reports generated in seconds
  • Scheduling & dispatch route planning capabilities
  • Project, task, and time management w/ interactive calendars
  • Customer and vendor portals
  • Project and task management
  • Customizable dashboards for each client
  • Full accounting functionality
  • Full CRM dashboard

What Sets It Apart: Striven’s expert team of business analysts personally see to your success. From training and onboarding, technical support, and business-specific customizations, our US-based Striven Support Team is available 24/7. On top of that, Striven’s automation capabilities allow you to work more efficiently.

Pricing: Free trial and custom demo, packages begin at $35/user.

More info: Striven Earns Numerous Awards For Q4 2023

2. PaythePoolman

paythepoolman logo

Stop waiting for approvals on your bids. The customer can approve your bid while they are at work, or at the mall, or even at their kids soccer game using their phone. You will receive an email & push notification with their signature for approval and their contact info to easily schedule the work.


  • Online Invoicing & Online Payments
  • Your customer will send you videos & images from their device to use on the bidding process
  • Easily add “before” & “after” videos to your service logs to share with your customers

What Sets It Apart: Get a quick snapshot of the last 6 months of chemical costs to find which customers or employees are costing you the most

Pricing: From $0 – $17.50 /user/month

3. Jobber

Between weekly pool maintenance and equipment installation or repairs, running a pool service business means you’re always on the go. Jobber makes it easy to schedule work, manage your crew, invoice, and get paid—from anywhere.

With Jobber, job details automatically flow from the initial request through to the invoice. It’s easy to track information like pool dimensions or chemicals in the field using the highly-rated Jobber mobile app. Plus, automated messages keep your customers informed every step of the way.


  • Schedule pool service jobs and create the fastest, most fuel-efficient routes
  • Manage customer information, record pool measurements, and track chemical usage in one place
  • Get your team on the same page with the work to be done on-site

What Sets It Apart: Client Hub lets customers request pool services, check upcoming job details, and pay invoices at their own convenience through an online customer portal

Pricing: From $49 – $249 /month

4. Service Proz

serviceproz field service management software logo

Service Proz is a web-based software as a service (SaaS) that was specifically built for the service industry companies. More specifically it allows your office personnel and Field level personnel to be in sync constantly. 

What is done in the field is immediately visible at the desktop no matter where your team is located. It’s everything you’ll need to run your service business.


  • Work order management
  • Built-in CRM
  • WorkForce Management and Work Order History

What Sets It Apart: Scheduling and Dispatch. Schedule weeks and months in advance.

Pricing: Contact for pricing


5. RB Retail & Service Solutions

RB logo

RB Pool Service Software completely manages retail and service with PCs, tablets, smartphones, and laptops. With the consolidation of retail and service into a single system, regardless of your business size, you’ll see an immediate return on your investment.

RB’s spa software is the right solution for your business whether you operate multiple retail locations, one service route, or anything in between.


  • Scheduling and dispatching 
  • Online bill pay
  • Mobile app

What Sets It Apart: RB Water Lab Sync connects your point of sale software with industry-leading water testing software, giving you the ability to look up past water test results directly from the POS software, and eliminates double data entry in two systems.

Pricing: Contact for pricing

6. PoolCarePRO

PoolCarePRO is a fully developed application created specifically to support pool care service businesses. All new releases go to improve and add features designed for users like you. 

PoolCarePRO allows you and your employees to do more from wherever you are.


  • Robust Customer Profiles
  • Secure Management
  • Enhance collaboration and efficiency

What Sets It Apart: Subscriptions are scaled to fit your business needs, from the sole owner/operator to large enterprise service providers.

Pricing: From $30 – $100 /month

7. Wise Software

wise software logo striven alternative

Wise Software – Enterprise is a pool service management software for retailers and service professionals. Enterprise lets your team work and collaborate anywhere on any device. 

Handle your recurring invoicing, routes, work orders, inventory, test readings and integration with Pool360 (Pool Corp) in one system. A truly universal platform with no need for any third-party apps to handle your business.


  • Identify, track and manage costs for the chemicals you use out in the field.
  • Take photos of the hard work accomplished and send the results in a beautiful report to the customer.
  • Mobile payments

What Sets It Apart: Voice control. Utilize your voice to add readings, search inventory, create an invoice, or place an order to Pool360.

Pricing: Contact for pricing

8. Builder Prime

builderprime logo striven alternative

Builder Prime is the contractor-specific software suite that can help you get it done in a quicker, smarter, and more reliable way. Why? Because it contains the CRM and estimating and production management tools you need to succeed—all in one single program.


  • Streamlined Scheduling Tools
  • Powerful Estimation Capabilities
  • Automated, Accurate Reporting

What Sets It Apart: Cutting-edge lead-tracking technology automatically follows, updates, and advances leads as they flow through your sales pipeline.

Pricing: From $0 – $10 /user/month

9. Smart Service

The right pool and spa service software can be a tremendous asset to your pool service company. After all, what business wouldn’t want a better way to market, sell, schedule, dispatch, and bill for their spa and pool service jobs? 

Smart Service spa and pool service software gives you all of that while integrating with QuickBooks every step of the way!


  • Schedule and Route Pool & Spa Service Jobs
  • Built-in communication for field service technicians and dispatch
  • Easily manage your customer database

What Sets It Apart: QuickBooks integration built-in

Pricing: Contact for pricing

10. Service Works

serviceworks professional services software

Manage your entire Pool and Spa business under one scalable platform. Your crews, your jobs and the weather conditions. Everything is accounted for in this software so you don’t have to guess.


  • Granular control and visibility over access, data, and security
  • Chemical Usage Tracking
  • Push Notifications

What Sets It Apart: ServiceWorks reduces the need for multiple visits by putting customer work history, asset tracking capabilities and job documentation at the fingertips.

Pricing: Variable based on add-ons. Contact directly.

11. Yottled

Yottled’s pool and spa software helps you schedule staff availability, online bookings, payment processing, CRM, and marketing with ease and simplicity.

Instantly know and manage all spa employees’ appointments and each pool’s availability.


  • Embed Features into Your Website
  • Yottled enables you to accept any form of online and offline payments
  • Create online intake forms, surveys, waivers, and more and integrate them into your own website.

What Sets It Apart: Create beautiful marketing emails with Yottled’s pool and spa software.

Pricing: Free. In return, we charge a small convenience fee of $0.99 to your clients on every paid transaction they make.

12. Aptora

aptora logo

From scheduling maintenance appointments and managing service contracts to tracking inventory and generating detailed reports, our software is tailored to meet your needs.

With features like real-time job costing, integrated customer relationship management, and seamless communication tools, you’ll be able to provide exceptional service while maximizing profitability.


  • GPS dispatch
  • Comprehensive inventory management
  • Intelligent scheduling

What Sets It Apart: Benefit from our full enterprise-level accounting features. With Total Office Manager, data loss, data sync issues, and double entries are things of the past. Focus on what you do best!

Pricing: Contact for pricing

Contact a Pool & Spa Software Expert

Over the years, our Software Support Team has helped business owners and their employees hit the ground running. Our Small- to Mid-Market Business Analyst Team at Striven has decades of experience in software for a variety of industries, including Pool & Spa service providers. It’s your business, and you’re the expert—our team is here to assist you in any way we can. Just like every car needs a trusted mechanic, every software needs a dedicated support team. 

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