Top 20 Manufacturing ERP Software Solutions of 2023

The Top 20 Manufacturing ERP Software Solutions

No matter the type of project or product your business produces, one thing is true—it pays to plan ahead. The best way to plan ahead? Integrating all of the previously disconnected processes of your business into an all in one management system. 

Speed, cost, transparency, scalability—if any of these issues are plaguing your business, it may be time to find a better manufacturing ERP solution. Whether your business focuses on discrete manufacturing, virtual manufacturing, or just needs a general business management solution to compliment your ETO, MTO, or ATO operations, you’ll find the best option for your business right here.

The best manufacturing ERP on the market should include features such as:

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BOM Tracking

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MRP/Operations Management

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Production Control

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Business Intelligence

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Order Management

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Payment Portals

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CRM And Sales

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Applicant Tracking System

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Inventory Management

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Custom Productivity Reporting

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E-Commerce Integration

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With so many software solutions out there, it can be tough to know exactly what you need. But don’t worry, there’s good news—finding an all-in-one manufacturing ERP solution has never been easier.

We know that finding a trusted manufacturing ERP is a long and tedious process. We’re here to help. Our software experts have compiled a comprehensive breakdown of the top 20 manufacturing ERP softwares on the market in 2021. 

*Note: Our ERP software reviews are for informational purposes only. We encourage you to perform research and demo systems to achieve the most comprehensive comparison. 

1. Striven

Striven Logo

Striven is an ERP software solution that combines accounting, CRM, project management, HR, operations, and more into one, easy to use interface. Striven is a diversely capable software solution that supports both front and back-office personnel. Striven’s extremely customizable software suits a variety of industries such as professional services, manufacturing, construction, and real estate.


  • Complete MRP System
  • Track parts for simple and complex builds
  • Locate and identify equipment/production/logistical issues
  • Customizable quality control and oversight capabilities
  • Automated inventory management
  • Customizable dashboards for each employee
  • Real-time business analytics
  • Sales tax and regulatory reporting

What Sets It Apart: Striven’s expert team of business analysts personally see to your success. From training and onboarding, technical support, and business-specific customizations, the Striven support staff is available 24/7. On top of that, Striven’s automation capabilities allow you to work more efficiently.

Pricing: Free trial and custom demo, packages begin at $35/user.

More info: Striven Wins 3 Best Of 2022 Awards

2. Acumatica

acumatica erp logo

Acumatica is a manufacturing ERP software that integrates manufacturing, inventory management, and accounting. It allows you to generate accurate pricing and to calculate your total manufacturing costs.


  • Eliminates outdated and incorrect information
  • Oversee and control engineering changes
  • Balance supply and demand to reduce costs

What Sets It Apart: Acumatica’s financial management interface is designed for companies with complex requirements—it allows you to automate reporting, streamline operations, and reach international markets.

Pricing: Not listed on site, but notes it has an a-la-carte model.

3. Aptean

aptean logo

Aptean is an ERP suite that specializes in hyper-niche, industry specific software solutions that include solutions primarily for the food and beverage industry and biotech/life sciences. It came to exist when a merger between Consola Corporation and CDC software was finalized.


  • Supports research, and protections surrounding IP (intellectual property)
  • Maintains updated compliance for food safety standards
  • Optimizes route plans for deliveries

What Sets It Apart: Aptean is in tune with the latest consumer trends and habits in the food in beverage industry and prides itself on protecting food-grower livelihoods.

Pricing: Plans vary by industry.

4. Aquilon

aquilon logo

The Aquilon ERP software application encompasses 17 modules. These modules are used to support financial management, distribution & supply chain management, and manufacturing management.


  • Aquilon2Go is an add-on to the Aquilon ERP that grants remote access to sales data
  • The manufacturing module includes estimating  and re-manufacturing capabilities
  • Includes role based security

What Sets It Apart: Aquilon takes part in social responsibility initiatives, including advising customers to follow climate-friendly procedures such as archiving of reports so that no paper records are required. 

Pricing: Starts at $99.

5. Batchmaster

batchmaster logo

BatchMaster Software offers cloud and on-premise software solutions for growing, mid-market recipe- and formula-based manufacturers. It features an add-on manufacturing application and ERP solution.


  • Includes a front office module that supports multiple currencies and multiple languages
  • Manages multi-level assembly with it’s packing BOM software
  • Quality control assessments via custom reporting

What Sets It Apart: Offers a guaranteed 3 month deployment for it’s proven remote services.

Pricing: Plans start at $2000.

6. Fishbowl

fishbowl logo

Fishbowl is an asset tracking solution and inventory management software that is able to be used by any size organization. It places emphasis on simplicity and innovation.


  • Software includes barcode scanning technology that syncs with CRM capabilities
  • Integrates with Amazon, eBay, Shopify among others
  • Allows you to manage multiple job sites

What Sets It Apart: Fishbowl is able to integrate with any version of Quickbooks so that users are still able to use a connected software that they have experience with

Pricing: Free trial offered, prices available after demo.

7. Oracle Netsuite

oracle netsuite logo erp

Netsuite by Oracle is a unified business management suite that handles financial management, order management, supply chain management, and other business intelligence processes.


  • Includes procurement services
  • Intuitive budgeting and forecasting interface
  • Financial management dashboard powered by data

What Sets It Apart: Netsuite runs on and is backed by Oracle’s powerful cloud ERP systems.

Pricing: Available once a consultation is scheduled.

8. E2 MFG

e2 mfg logo

E2 MFG by ShopTech is a solution for manufacturers looking for a way to manage the complexities of their shop and inventory. This ERP system has estimating and quoting, integrated financials and more.



  • Complex inventory control MRP
  • Multi-level product line and BOM structure
  • Flexible and customizable scheduling interface

What Sets It Apart: ShopTech offers a separate software solution, E2 Shop System, for manufacturers and job shops that may be looking for a slightly different solution

Pricing: Available upon request.

9. SafetyChain

safety chain logo

SafetyChain is a plant management platform designed to improve yield, maximize productivity, and ensure compliance standards for food, beverage, and CPG facilities.


  • Configures solutions based on role (production/quality/compliance management)
  • Available across multiple devices and operating systems
  • Integrated webhook support

What Sets It Apart: Contains a complete audit management platform which includes document/record storage, secure profiles, and electronic signature collection.

Pricing: Available upon request.

10. Global Shop Solutions

global shop solutions logo

Global Shop Solutions is a family-owned ERP business that places an emphasis on connecting and serving its customers. They serve a wide variety of manufacturers including aerospace, concrete, metal, wood, plastics, medical devices, and others.


  • Offers both on-premise and cloud solutions
  • Supply and demand screen” inventory management interface
  • Tracks real time data from shop floor

What Sets It Apart:

Their Continuous Improvement Team works with current customers to tackle consulting and other custom business-based needs.

Pricing: Available upon request, varies by industry.

11. Prodsmart

prodsmart logo

Prodsmart is a real-time floor tracking and manufacturing management solution that quantifies all facets of the production process including traceability, QA, audit preparation, and historical data management.


  • Offers continuous lean manufacturing consultancy
  • Import and export data from Excel and other spreadsheets
  • Zebra printing support for barcode and label scanning

What Sets It Apart: Offers customizable software solutions for businesses that need to instantaneously keep up with customer demands from both on and off site.

Pricing:  Plans range from $200-$600/month depending on features selected.

12. Deltek Costpoint

deltek costpoint logo

Deltek Costpoint is a leading engineer-to-order solution that offers human capital management services, smart AI capabilities, and real-time intelligent reporting.


  • Intuitively manage projects and finances in an aligned interface
  • Integrated source-to-pay platform
  • Modernized contract management processes

What Sets It Apart: Deltek reduces reconciliation efforts between prime contractors and subcontractors by automating labor and expense collection.

Pricing: Available upon request, varies by business side and industry.

13. Infor Syteline

infor syteline logo

Infor Syteline is an ERP used for simplifying and automating complex manufacturing processes for discrete and process manufacturers.


  • Planning and material management capabilities
  • Collaboration portals with customers, vendors, and resellers
  • Coordinates costing transactions with operations management

What Sets It Apart: Your business can manage its entire supply chain by utilizing its inventory sourcing and procurement capabilities, as well as multi-site management capabilities.

Pricing: Starts at $150 per feature added.

14. IQMS

IQMS logo

IQMS is a factory/floor management-centric solution that is structured around end-to-end visibility and control.


  • Combines ERP and MES into one integrated system
  • Includes SPC and data collection
  • Shelf life management capabilities

What Sets It Apart: The integrated manufacturing ERP solution delivers financial and manufacturing industry specific metrics and KPIs including product line profitability and standardized financial and earning reports across your portfolio.

Pricing: Varies by industry and need.

15. Priority

priority erp logo

Priority ERP is an end-to-end business management solution that uses an agile platform and an intuitive user interface to give businesses a holistic view of their entire operations.


  • Has full equipment rental process controls
  • Manage new hires remotely including the onboarding process
  • Track shipments in real time

What Sets It Apart: Priority offers solutions for businesses of all sizes, tweaking its modules for large enterprises, mid size companies, and small, growing businesses.

Pricing: Varies by industry and business size.

16. Abas

abas erp logo

From production and warehousing to purchasing and sales, Abas ERP provides an overall operational view to companies of all sizes.


  • Professional workflow management with fixed, defined workflows
  • Advanced production process planning
  • Multi-site and multi-company accounting friendly

What Sets It Apart: The Abas BI (business intelligence) platform is used within its CRM processes to provide a more complete look at customer relationships.

Pricing: Starts at $149/month.

17. Katana

katana erp logo

Katana is a production planning software platform that includes real-time inventory control and optimization, sales order fulfillment, and shop floor control.


  • Ability to create multi-level product recipes with subassemblies
  • Automated inventory transactions
  • Drag-and-drop priorities of customer orders

What Sets It Apart: Is able to seamlessly integrate with Quickbooks, Shopify, and other outside platforms that businesses already use.

Pricing: Free trial available, lowest plan begins at $99.

18. Wherefour

wherefour logo

Wherefour allows businesses to control production, maintain quality and safety, and stay organized with its traceability software.


  • Includes MRP capabilities
  • Sends automatic updates about ordering low stock items
  • Easily create, share, and export reports and other data

What Sets It Apart: It’s optimal for manufacturers that make products from a particular formula or recipe.

Pricing: Pricing is scalable depending on company needs and size.

19. Epicor

epicor logo

Epicor is built on deep expertise and curated to help seize trends, optimize products and services, and adapt to changing market conditions.


  • Built-in reporting and advanced BI capabilities
  • Consistent customer experience for every touch point
  • Identifies preventative maintenance needs

What Sets It Apart: Empowers high tech manufacturers by providing real-time performance data and automated data collection.

Pricing: Starts at $175 per user/per month.

20. Jobscope

jobscope logo

Jobscope manufacturing ERP system focuses on the unique needs of Order driven discrete manufacturers.  Jobscope manufacturing ERP solution that is uniquely tailored to the mrp requirements of order driven ETO, MTO, ATO, CTO manufacturers.


  • Built on the Microsoft SQL MFG Software Platform
  • All modules include informational/tutorial content
  • Purchase material directly to the job, project, or contract

What Sets It Apart: This ERP intuitively separates estimating BOM, engineering BOM, and production manufacturing BOM for easier accounting processes.

Pricing: Starts with a one-time payment of $3000.

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