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5 Things All In One Business Management Software Does Better

Scott Hammer
November 1, 2019
5 min read

As your business grows, your processes become more complex. Spreadsheets just don’t get the job done anymore. And separate software subscriptions tend to tie up processes more than they tie them together. Here’s what all in one business software does better than any other ERP solution on the market.

Data Flows Are More Intelligent

All in one business management software handles data better than separate applications, documents or spreadsheets. The reason is simple: if all core business functions are connected, information flows freely throughout the system. Imagine financial data natively working with sales, project, and inventory data. 

When you have a single data source, information never gets lost. That’s a far cry from the typical office scenario: your accountant “owns” your financial data in one system, while your project manager “owns” project data in another system. How easily can those two work together if they use completely separate systems, with different interfaces?

All In One Software Means Native Integration

While there are software products that claim to be all in one business solutions, the reality is quite different. Most products assembled to be comprehensive business software are actually cobbled together from systems that have been acquired or adapted. 

If your software systems have been developed in silos, how can you possibly expect it to break down the silos in your own company?

True all in one business software means that every line of code was developed by the same team. It means the interface is the same, so every employee in your company can use it, regardless of job function. When your project team needs support, they’re not calling someone completely different than your accounting department called the week before.

Saves You Money

When your business can no longer run on spreadsheets or filing paperwork, you have two choices: move to a single system or purchase upwards of ten different software products. (If you’ve done the latter, go ahead and count how many you’re currently using).

As the products pile up, so do your subscription costs. As you count the number of software products you’re using, it might be worth adding up your total monthly payment. When you’re done, do some comparative pricing and see how much an all in one business software can save you.

Support is Actually Supportive

When you use all in one business software, you can ditch your list of phone numbers and emails for every software you use. You can stop the live chats, support tickets, and any other method you use to seek help from the many different groups that support your products.

all in one business management erp

Having software vendors with in-house support means you only need to rely on them for anything you need. It’s especially helpful to have an advisor assigned to your account who understands any support issue you could possibly have. That way, you won’t get passed around between support departments. You won’t speak with someone who lacks information about your support history. The best software support is there for you, 24/7.

Offers More Coherence

Coherence in what, exactly? You name it.

Document storage, internal communication, scheduling, user experience… the list goes on. It doesn’t take a team of IT experts to use a great all in one solution— this type of software is designed for every employee. The interface is simple, and so is the way data passes through it. 

Imagine how much more helpful your employees could be with any team in the company when they use the same software to perform their job functions. That value goes way beyond time saved. It’s also about team building and coherence in company culture. After all, your employees spend a lot of their day using software. Make it an outstanding experience.


As your company searches for ways to handle a growing workload, customer base, and data complexity, consider your options. You can pay more for software, only to end up with more confusion. Or, you could house all of your company data in a single solution. 

The truth is, there are very few actual all in one business solutions out there, especially at a price point that will generate a quick ROI. But they exist, and a little searching and comparison will go a long way in easing the growing pains of your business.

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Scott Hammer

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