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The Best Features Hiding in ERP Software

Scott Hammer
September 20, 2019
5 min read

When consumers are considering a company to do business with, they’re looking for a personal experience. Customers want to feel that a company values them as more than just a one-time sale– and they are willing to pay extra for it.  According to Forbes, “86% of buyers will pay more for a better customer experience.”

So knowing that a personalized experience largely motivates buyers, what can you do to improve your customer service experience? How can you increase the personalization in your business in order to persuade consumers to do business with you?

Start by investing in ERP software. An ERP system is a great way to gather information about both your current and potential customers. This information can later be used to influence your marketing campaigns and sales strategies.

But let’s think about how we can take this information one step further. How can you use this customer data to further tailor their experience? 

How can you create an experience that will make customers choose you, every time?

ERP Software 101

If you haven’t invested in an ERP software yet, let’s start at the beginning– what kind of information can you expect to gather on current and potential clients by investing in one?

Using an ERP system, you can collect basic consumer information like name, email address, and telephone number. In addition, you can also customize your system to collect more specific data like location, social media information, and past buying behaviors and communications with your company.

This information is essential for crafting your future marketing and sales efforts. Knowing the unique details of your current and potential customers can allow you to create a personalized customer experience.

You Have Customer Data- Now What?

person looking at all in one business management software

Now that you are equipped with all of the personal data about your current and potential customers (thanks to your ERP software), where do you go from here? 

Here are three ways you can use the data gathered by your ERP system to create a stellar customer experience:

Personalize Your Messaging

When you get a marketing email that reads “Dear valued customer,” how likely are you to read on? Most people get that far and immediately move the message to the trash bin. 

What if you get an email with your name in the introduction? Are you more inclined to continue reading? According to Oberlo, “emails with personalized subject lines generate 50% higher open rates” than those without. 

Using the information gathered by your CRM software, personalize your communications! By taking the extra step to customize your marketing efforts, your customers will feel you appreciate them and their business.

Know Your Customer’s Preferences

Let’s say you own a restaurant. A customer comes in and alerts your waitress that she has a severe peanut allergy. What should you do with this information? 

Add it to your ERP system. 

When a customer alerts you of a preference that would enhance their customer experience, like a dietary restriction, it should be your first instinct to add that information to your ERP software. 

By keeping a record of what your customers are looking for from their experience, you show that you place value on their customer service experience. 

According to Everage, “77% of consumers have chosen, recommended, or paid more for a brand that provides a personalized service or experience.” So by investing in your customer experience management, you are creating an experience that consumers will continue to want.

Follow Up With Customers When It Counts

Customer Relationship

Your CRM software helps you to keep track of all of your current and potential customer information—  put it to good use! Find creative ways to reach out to your customers to encourage them to do repeat business. 

Consider sending personalized messages to your customers on their birthday or for the holidays, which can include promotions or discounts. This is a great way to stay in touch with your customer base and provide them a personalized customer service experience.


According to an Iperceptions infographic on the importance of the customer experience, “76% of customers say they expect companies to understand their needs and expectations.”

Now more than ever, consumers want to know they are doing business with a company that has taken the time to get to know them. They want to know that the investment they have in a business is mutual. 

This is where your ERP system comes into play. 

By taking the time to gather your current and potential customer data, you can work to create a custom customer experience that will keep consumers coming back to your business.

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Scott Hammer

Scott Hammer is a business technology writer. His background is in literature and education, which means he can quote Emerson and Thoreau at moments that seem appropriate, but are ultimately random. If pushed, he can also write really, really long sentences.