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5 Biggest Marketing Mistakes Small Businesses Make and How to Avoid Them

“The art of marketing is the art of brand building.” —Philip Kotler If you look outside your window or take a stroll around the neighborhood, chances are you’re going to see at least one corporate billboard or any other advertisement piece. If you’re running some errands or just lying down on the couch watching TV,... Read More

Veronica Agrella
September 5, 2023
10 min read

The Best Software Features To Manage Your Small Business In This Economy

It’s no secret our post-COVID economy is troubled, and this growing uncertainty in the marketplace may feel like huge dark waves threatening to overtake the ship of your small business. Fortunately, there is a light in the dark: a rich array of business management software platforms designed to help you organize every facet of your... Read More

John Fay
January 9, 2023
5 min read

Small Business Accounting Software Should Account For More Than Just Accounting

It’s hard to understate the benefits of accounting software, especially for a small business. After all, accounting is a crucial aspect to all businesses—all it takes is one misplaced decimal or mistake to throw off all of your finances. But there is more to small business accounting software than just preventing errors. For one, your... Read More

Matt Bernot
October 20, 2022
5 min read

ERP: A Tool For Improving Employee Relationships

Customers get all the attention. After all, they’re the ones keeping the lights on. Your processes and procedures are designed with them in mind, you make critical decisions based on their needs and asks, and you do everything in your power to attract and retain them. Bending over backward for your customers is by no... Read More

Brian Kinney
December 13, 2021
9 min read

How Task Management Software Helps Businesses Achieve Productivity and Profitability

Business operations involve numerous task management activities, including task creation, planning, assigning/delegating tasks, tracking, reporting, and execution. These activities demand significant time and effort. No matter what size of business you run, the benefits of efficient task management are beyond comparison: when customer and market demand increase beyond manual management capabilities, businesses should opt for... Read More

Lisa Brian
October 14, 2021
7 min read

Integrated Business Software: What You Need To Know

Every business has a lot of moving parts. Whether your business manufactures goods in a factory or provides in-home services to customers, it is equally important to have a unified and clear picture of all of the components of your operation.  As you work towards attaining a more all-encompassing view of your operations, it’s easy... Read More

Brian Kinney
July 12, 2021
8 min read