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How Hearth and Fireplace Service Companies Can Keep Up With The Latest Tech Trends

John Fay
February 21, 2023
7 min read

In today’s competitive Hearth and Fireplace Services market, the ability to provide exceptional customer service is essential for customer retention and remaining competitive on price while still making a profit. Technicians are on the front lines of customer interaction and it is crucial that you maintain optimal field-to-office communication. In an age where business management technology is rapidly evolving, using Hearth Services management software will keep you up to date with the latest technology trends pushing your industry forward.

Companies can use hearth service management software to unify and streamline business operations, improve communication, and provide a succinct and clear view of day-to-day finances. Convenient access to scheduling & dispatch, inventory control, and service metrics for advanced insight into industry trends are just some of the many ways that business management software for the hearth industry can lead to better outcomes for your business.

Trends are increasingly short-lived and are constantly changing in a world starving for product differentiation. Hearth service management software helps your business to adapt to the shifting demands of the consumer.

How Can Hearth Service Management Software Optimize Your Growing Business?

Improve Operational Efficiency

Hearth service management software unifies your business operations into one system for easy access for all of your employees. This eliminates disconnects from the field to the office, most notably reducing errors and delays in manual data entry and information exchange by integrating in-office and onsite data into a single connected platform. Reducing human error prevents a negative feedback loop in which small inaccuracies can snowball into larger issues. 

The first-time fix rate—the percentage of jobs completed on the first visit—is essential to customer retention and keeping your business competitive. According to Aberdeen Group research, an 88% rate is necessary to stay at the top of your industry, while having a lower than 80% success rate renders your services below average. Hearth management software keeps scheduling, dispatching, and work orders in the same place for your employees in the field, ensuring they are always prepared to meet your clients’ needs the first time, not the second or third.

Enhance Data Security

Protecting company and customer data from cyber threats is a growing concern for small businesses in all industries. With the increased use of technology in business operations, it’s important to have strong security measures in place to protect sensitive information from potential cyber attacks. This includes not just the data stored on company servers, but also the data on the customer side, as well as data on mobile devices used in the process of installing or servicing the equipment.

Enhance Information Access

Consolidating your business processes into a single platform eases the stress of managing your hearth services business. In order to maintain smooth field-to-office communication and ensure a pain-free customer experience, management must keep important information readily available to everyone, especially employees in the field. Hearth service management software keeps financial documents, inventory control, and customer services organized and connected in order to increase efficiency. 

Research from the Harvard Business Institute reveals that an average of 95% of a company’s employees do not understand or are not aware of the overarching strategy that executives base their most crucial decisions on. Hearth Services management software helps bridge the gap between management and staff by providing an all-in-one system that enables transparency, communication, and efficiency across the board.

Customer Engagement

Keeping up with the demand for different types of fireplaces, patios, and hearths can be a concern for small business owners. As consumer preferences change, it’s important to stay informed about the latest trends and advancements impacting your industry. For example, with the increasing popularity of electric and gas fireplaces, a small business may need to invest in new equipment and training for employees to meet this demand. Using timely data sourced from your proprietary service metrics enables you to stay competitive with popular industry trends and current consumer preferences. 

Hearth Services management software provides a powerful customer relations tool to keep your sales team on top of both contacts and contracts. Customer relationship management enables direct and comprehensive communication with custom reporting and photo upload features, as well as allowing customers to leave feedback on any work that was completed—or worse, not completed. 

Inventory Management

Maintaining an organized and accurate inventory management system is essential since hearth service companies rely heavily on managing complex—and oftentimes flammable— inventory. The inability to quickly adapt to the rapidly evolving external environment or organizational lag increasingly plagues all types of businesses. According to, a leading business magazine, 70% of all organizational change efforts fail. 

Inventory management systems help your business avoid these pitfalls by automating order management processes, easing the manual elements of the sales and delivery processes, and properly putting together accurate financial plans. Utilizing the right inventory management system both reduces the ability for human error to cause major problems and overall cost.

Plan For The Future With Technology

The advent of smart home technology signaled a design shift to a more spacious, abstract home interior design. Consumers want their fireplace to match the rest of their home. Electric fireplaces are rising in popularity due to convenience and modernization. This competition requires gas fireplaces to constantly evolve to prevent extinction.

Top-rated direct vent gas/propane fire pits feature more efficient heat output while adapting to contemporary smart homes with an app to control the blaze. Comfort-level tech monitors the room temperature similar to a thermostat. One of the newest innovations in direct vent gas fireplace inserts is a ceramic liner that creates a barrier, sending heat from the fire back into the room rather than up the chimney. Vent-free appliances now have oxygen depletion sensors and carbon monoxide monitors to make your preferred appliance more eco-friendly.

Some homeowners prefer not to have gas or wood appliances in the house at all. With more homeowners looking to create comfortable outdoor living spaces, it’s important for small businesses to stay informed about the latest products and trends in outdoor fireplaces and hearths.

Keeping up with the latest advancements in fireplace and hearth technology can be a significant concern for any business in the industry, especially small and growing businesses. With the increasing focus on eco-friendly options and smart home integration, it’s important to stay informed about the latest products and advancements in technology that customers desire. This can be a significant investment, as new equipment and training for employees may be required. Keep in mind, a robust hearth software solution allows you to draw accurate data from your own internal service metrics and helps you to stay on top of new trends hitting the market.

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