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All-In-One Business Management Software Determines Your Workplace Culture

Every organization wants a good workplace culture, and we often assume that good people are the key to getting it. Colleagues who can communicate well work better in teams. Those who share and report data can lend clarity to projects and help define roles within them. But what happens when “good people” are slowed down,... Read More

Scott Hammer
March 25, 2019
9 min read

How to Remove Your Data Silo (With An ERP Software System)

The silo. Great for farmers. Not so great for others. A question for you, dear reader: how much time do you or your employees spend trying to track down records, document versions, invoices, sales orders, etc.? If the answer is either “more than a few minutes” or “it depends on the person I need to... Read More

Scott Hammer
March 19, 2019
8 min read

Does Your ERP Software Support Do This?

You dial the 800 number. You wait. A pre-recorded message greets you, slowly describing your options. None of them are even close to what you need. You press zero in hopes of an operator. You’re greeted by another recorded message. All operators are busy. Your wait time is approximately: longer than you planned to spend... Read More

Scott Hammer
March 12, 2019
9 min read

How to Choose the Right ERP Software for Your Small Business

What do broken heaters and gum disease have in common? They inspire urgency. There’s nothing like small-scale disasters to get us to take action. If you look more closely, they also have something else in common: we take proactive measures so that they don’t happen in the first place. We service our HVAC systems and... Read More

Scott Hammer
March 5, 2019
7 min read