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Want the Best Employees? Change Your Company Culture

Scott Hammer
August 30, 2019
7 min read

According to Access Perks, 72% of workers said an “innovative culture was a factor in influencing them to join a company.” That’s the power of positive company culture. 

So what is company culture, exactly? It’s a lot more than offering casual dress codes and flexible vacation time– it’s the core values that your business stands on. If you’re wondering why organizational culture matters, don’t ask us– ask your future employees.

Job Choices

According to a study done by the Korn Ferry Institute, “The #1 reason candidates choose one job over another today is company culture.” Now more than ever, workers want to be employed by a company whose values emulate their own. They want a company that places a strong emphasis on creating a positive company culture.

Why Company Culture Matters

In addition to building and fostering an inclusive workplace, a positive company culture also can improve business metrics in several areas:

Fosters Loyalty from Employees

good company culture due to erp software

Employees want to work for a company that values their hard work. By placing emphasis on creating the best company culture you can, you’re showing your employees that you care about their well-being.

One way to place a newfound emphasis on company culture? Upgrade something that your employees use every day—your company’s software.

Additionally, positive company culture has been shown to reduce employee turnover rates. According to a USA Today article on the subject, “low turnover means that good employees stay and are more productive.”

Low turnover rates reduce the HR costs that would come with replacing those employees, so literally and figuratively, it pays to invest in your company culture.

Happiness = Productivity (and Profit)

According to Entrepreneur.com, “happiness makes people 12% more productive.” Not only are employees more productive when there is great company culture, but “happier workers are more likely to solve difficult problems faster.” 

Workers desire to be a part of positive company culture– and contribute their best work to that culture, which will show in your bottom line.

Encourages Candidates to Consider You

Positive workplace culture is quickly becoming the most desired characteristic workers are looking for in a future workplace. People want to work for a company that they share similar personal values with.

According to an international study in Business News Daily, “77% of adults would consider a company’s culture before seeing a job there.” Additionally, “56% said they found a good workplace culture to be more important than salary.”

Let that sink in for a second.

More than half of those surveyed placed a greater priority on positive company culture than on their paycheck. This fact alone shows that having a strong workplace culture is essential to your business’ success.

How to Create a Stronger Company Culture

If you’re looking for the best prospective employees to grow your business, create a culture that they will want to be a part of.  Here’s how to do it:

Establish Company Values

company culture erp software

The starting place for businesses looking to build a positive company culture is creating company values. These values should be the driving force behind all the decisions your company makes. 

By establishing what your company’s beliefs and goals are, your employees are more likely to feel their work is contributing to a greater good. Make sure all of your employees understand your company’s mission and make sure their decisions fit within its framework.

Embody and Communicate Those Values

It’s one thing to establish company values, but it’s another to put them into practice. One of the most important things you can do to create a positive workplace culture is to lead by example

If one of your company values is to be a good community member, start the trend by using one day a month to volunteer at a local food bank. By showing that you take the company values seriously, you are paving the way for your employees to do the same.

In addition to being the example for your current employees, show prospective employees the value you place on creating the best company culture you can. Seek out candidates with the technical skills you desire and who you believe will embrace your company vision. 

During the interview process, include questions related to your organizational culture so that, right from the start, employees know what your company culture is about– and how they can contribute.

Encourage Feedback from Your Employees

Happy work culture

In a Forbes article on company culture, “86% of employees at companies with strong cultures feel their senior leadership team listens to employees.” If you’re looking to attract the best workers to your business, establish that your employees have a clear way to communicate their opinions to management. 

Encourage employees to give their honest feedback through engagement surveys using your company software. By making your employees feel listened to and valued, you’ll create a great company culture that employees want to be a part of.

Let Your Company Evolve with Your Business

As your company grows, so should your company culture—and your company software along with it. Make it a point to regularly check-in and re-evaluate both your people and your technology. Be open to changes and make adjustments that reflect your expanding business.


Positive company culture is an essential ingredient in the recipe for business success. A major factor in that is the software that your employees use each and every day. Although the returns aren’t as evident as they are with sales, having the right workplace culture in place will change every aspect of your company and whoever becomes a part of it.

More today than ever before, workers want to be a part of a company that has strong beliefs and values that influence decisions. They want to feel that they are making a difference in the world and are part of a company that is trying to do the same. 

By having a great company culture in place, you’ll attract those doers to your company– and keep them there for years to come.

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Scott Hammer

Scott Hammer is a business technology writer. His background is in literature and education, which means he can quote Emerson and Thoreau at moments that seem appropriate, but are ultimately random. If pushed, he can also write really, really long sentences.