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Revolutionizing Work: The Benefits of Employee Work Flexibility

Work flexibility can save businesses thousands of dollars yearly, increase employee satisfaction and improve the customer experience. Workplace policies like flexible scheduling and remote positions have tangible benefits that revolutionize jobs. What are some of the top benefits of flexible employment and why should companies embrace them?  Higher Productivity Work flexibility can significantly improve productivity... Read More

Eleanor Hecks
November 7, 2023
6 min read

When Employees and Customers Don’t Want to Wear Masks

Polarization has become par for the course in the United States. It spreads across all facets of everyday life: social media, sports, politics, social justice, news, and even the virus itself. Very few aspects of our culture have been immune to the tidal wave of immoderation.  Every business owner in America—and, for that matter, the... Read More

Matt Bernot
September 21, 2020
9 min read