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Responding to COVID-19: How We Can Help

Scott Hammer
April 7, 2020
4 min read

We continue to see the extraordinary impact of COVID-19 and experience disruption to our daily lives and businesses. The Striven team is constantly reviewing the latest developments and guidelines from the CDC. We’re working as a team to support each other, our customers, and businesses everywhere. 

To that end, we are adding additional resources for our existing customers. We have also extended our services to non-customers of Striven. Here are a few of the resources we’re offering that can provide relief, assistance, and solutions to your team. 

Remote Team Advising

Productive Desk

All Striven employees are currently working remotely. We recognize that remote work has become the new standard, at least for the foreseeable future. We can help with resources and hands-on advising for best remote practices.

  • If your business is making a rapid transition from on-premise technology to remote or cloud services, our advisors can provide guidance on best practices and share practical solutions for keeping team members in communication. We specialize in project and team efficiency, from task tracking to personal advice from our own remote employees. 
  • Gene Marks, columnist for The Hill, Forbes, and, Inc. has provided us with his top 15 tips for remote employees. This one is really worth a read. Many of us have kept it bookmarked as we transitioned our entire team to remote operations.

Operational Change Management

  • Many businesses are finding that their traditional ways of working are no longer relevant. From large-scale operations to process-based initiatives, they’re adapting quickly. We understand. That’s why we have an advising team dedicated to helping you optimize the ways you’re planning and working.  
  • Whether you’re using new software or just trying to adapt to a different schedule, we can remove some of your confusion and help you build agile and to-the-minute strategies.

Data Migration

  • Many businesses have recently asked us for assistance in getting their data out of an on-premise program and into a cloud application. Knowing exactly what to migrate, how to do it, and what to do after getting up and running can be especially challenging. Our team of data migration experts can help you navigate the specifics and channel your “big picture” goals.

Software Selection

ERP and People
  • If the need for cloud technology has caught you off-guard, as it has for many businesses, we can help guide your selection. Yes, we’re a software vendor, but we’re also people with a genuine desire to help and a passion for what we do. We can help you find solutions that fit both your immediate and future needs. 

As the impact of COVID-19 continues to evolve, please know we remain committed to helping your business through these transitional times. Our genuine hope is that we all make it through this experience stronger and wiser. What we do now will go a long way to influencing what happens in our collective future. It’s what we do every day, and we recognize it’s now more important than ever.


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