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Striven Named #2 Small Business Manufacturing Software of 2022 – SoftwareAdvice

Scott Hammer
December 6, 2022
3 min read

Lumberton, NJ (December 6th, 2022)-  SoftwareAdvice, a leading provider of business software reviews, has named Striven as the 2nd best small business manufacturing software of 2022.

Striven’s placement above the majority of manufacturing software options showcases the increased emphasis that manufacturers place on incorporating business management technology into their daily operations. For small manufacturers, the need for modern, powerful technological solutions is especially relevant.

While many manufacturers have traditionally relied on outdated, disconnected, and occasionally analog software systems, the need for updated technology in the manufacturing sector has become increasingly prevalent. And for small businesses that have previously had to work with bloated, expensive ERP systems, Striven provides an easy-to-use, affordable alternative that includes everything small manufacturers need to grow and thrive.

An all in one business management software like Striven allows businesses to connect their financial data directly into other silos of their company including project management, CRM, inventory management, and more.

Striven ranks #2 in the ‘Small Business Manufacturing Software’ category ahead of other notable software solutions including Acumatica, MRPEasy, Katana, Netsuite, and Fishbowl.

Orion H, a small business decision maker who uses Striven to manage his company’s daily operations, added this about his experience with the system:

“This software has everything a business would need all in one place. Too many times do companies find themselves needing a handful of different software programs to organize their different departments.

Striven takes all those major departments and stores it in one place, which makes it significantly easier to track, organize, and provide the information needed.”

To learn more about Striven and read about customer experiences using the platform, visit the company’s ratings and review page.

About Striven
Striven is an ERP software for small and growing businesses that want to expand, simplify, and reduce costs. Striven combines all of the features for accounting, projects, sales, inventory, management, reporting, and more into a single streamlined system.

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