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This Is How Remote Teams Can Work Better Than Ever

Matt Bernot
September 8, 2020
6 min read

Teamwork makes the dream work, right? Everyone has learned at some point in their lives—often the hard way—that great things are seldom accomplished alone. This is true for businesses, families, sports teams, and every other group of people working towards a common goal.

The key to a successful team starts with each team member knowing, and eventually mastering, their respective roles. As a leader, your job is to accurately assess the various talents (and weaknesses) of your team members and assign responsibilities accordingly. Some people will naturally bite off more than they can chew, while others will refuse to take even a nibble. Ultimately, success lies with one key mantra that New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick has summed up better than anyone: “Do your job.”

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Doing your job has taken on a whole new meaning since March. By now, “working from home” has become just “working”. As the United States asynchronously reopens, you are left wondering how long you will be required—and how long you’ll want to—work from home.

Some businesses have faltered during this transition, but plenty of others have come out stronger than ever. If your business falls into the former category, take a minute to assess why. Are your recent struggles born solely from the switch to remote work, or do they originate from the lack of resources, support, and technology utilized during the transition? Every business is unique, but what has been made clear during the last several months is that remote work is actually an advantage for your business—if done correctly.

Increased Job Satisfaction

In a recent survey conducted by CNBC and SurveyMonkey, the Workforce Happiness Index score of employees who were working remotely was higher than those who were not. Granted, working from home during a pandemic is a privilege not afforded to everyone. Those who have continued to leave their homes every day—risking their health and their family’s health—have been reasonably less satisfied.

That being said, if your business is able to function remotely, there is no excuse not to. Cutting out long commutes, increasing family time, and, once again, ensuring personal health and safety has led remote workers to this increased level of satisfaction. Satisfied workers are the backbone of a productive team.

Workers Have Been More Productive At Home

Sometimes, it feels like we need to be in a room with someone to collaborate effectively. Well, at least, we felt that way until COVID hit. While we all occasionally miss the hustle and bustle of the workplace, workers have proven that they are as equally collaborative and productive from home—if not more so.

Working remotely, your employees are able to avoid distractions that come along with the hustle and bustle. With the advancement of technologies that allow businesses to manage projects remotely, your team can continue to function like the well-oiled machine it is. Collaboration is more important than ever—but removing the extraneous interactions that come with the territory of non-remote work has allowed workers to focus on the thing that matters most: getting work done.  

Everyone is Saving Money

This should speak for itself, right? Your business can increase productivity while you—and your employees—are saving money. When it comes to overhead, your office space is no longer the albatross that it can sometimes feel like. According to Global Workplace Analytics, employers can actually save over $22,000 per fully remote employee per year. 

Choosing an Outfit

That is substantial, to say the least. With every dollar saved comes the opportunity to invest in your business’s future. Your employees will appreciate the efforts given to help them achieve more, and in turn your customers will be left more satisfied than ever. Beyond helping your business’s bottom line, your employees will save money, too. Remote work has allowed for less spending on transportation, food, and professional attire.

Access To Top Talent

When geographical constraints are removed from the equation, your talent acquisition pool becomes a whole lot wider. When you’re able to reach across the country—or even the world—to assemble your team, you’ll be able to find people that seamlessly mesh with your company’s culture. In the same vein, you’ll be able spend less time getting new team members up to speed. If you are able to make the best hire the first time around, the decreased rate of employee turnover will allow your teams to accomplish more.

Better Together

It can be stressful to manage a team from a distance. It can be stressful to be a part of a team from a distance. It can be stressful to simply exist in 2020. And that’s ok. We are fortunate enough to live in an era where your business can not only survive this pandemic, but come out of it better prepared for the future by putting the proper tools in place. Being able to collaborate with people around the globe is often something that we take for granted. Right now, your employees are better off at home. When your employees are better off, your business is too.

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Matt Bernot

Matt Bernot has spent the past eight years working in software, banking, and finance. He specializes in business technology solutions and teaching efficient processes to help organizations accomplish more. Matt is a huge fan of the Philadelphia Flyers and a father to a pair of incredibly goofy cats.