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Asset Management

Track, manage, and use every single resource more efficiently.

Organization Leads To Optimization

Whether your business deals in physical assets (like equipment, machinery, or real estate) or is more focused on human resources (like staff or consultants), or even digital assets (like software or data), we got you covered.

Take Control of Your Assets

In today’s business landscape, efficiency isn’t just desirable – it’s indispensable. Mastering resource management is the key to unlocking it.

  • Asset Linking
  • Scheduling
  • Forecasting
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Integration Capabilities
  • Collaboration Tools

Resource Allocation Software That Helps You Grow

With the right system in place, you can worry less about managing resources so you can focus on growth.

Asset Linking

Stay ahead with a system that smartly links resources to tasks based on availability and task requirements, eliminating inefficiencies and driving project success.


Leverage the power of proactive planning. Striven enables you to schedule your resources in advance, ensuring optimal utilization and timely project completion.


Stay ahead of the curve by leveraging historical data and trends to accurately predict your resource needs.

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Reporting & Analytics

Get deep insights with our robust reporting feature that provides comprehensive analysis of resource usage, productivity, and costs, powering your strategic decision-making process.

Collaboration Tools

Bring out the best in your teams. Our software comes with built-in collaboration tools, encouraging effective communication, reducing bottlenecks, and promoting a harmonious workflow.

Real-Time Updates

Keep pace with dynamic business environments. Our software offers real-time updates about your resources, enabling quick adaptability to changing circumstances and needs.

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“The ability to organize parts and suppliers is highly efficient and allows me to keep everything organized. Striven has made it very easy to classify our items better!”


— Angelica B., Production Scheduler & Buyer


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Striven’s resource allocation feature?


    The eesource allocation feature in Striven allows you to assign your resources – be it personnel, equipment, or digital assets – to various tasks or projects based on their availability and the requirements of the task. This ensures optimal utilization and maximized productivity.

  • How can Striven’s resource allocation features improve my project management?


    By providing a clear overview of which resources are allocated where and when, Striven can help you avoid over- or under-utilization of resources. It can also highlight any potential conflicts or bottlenecks, enabling you to address these issues proactively and keep your projects on track.

  • Can I manage resources for multiple projects at once?


    Absolutely! Striven is designed to handle resource allocation for multiple projects simultaneously, providing a comprehensive view of resource utilization across all your ongoing projects.

  • Can I adjust resource allocation mid-project with Striven?


    Yes, Striven’s resource allocation feature allows for real-time adjustments. This means if a resource becomes unavailable or a project’s requirements change, you can easily adjust the allocation of resources as needed.

  • Can Striven take into account the skillsets of my team?


    Yes, Striven allows you to input data about the skills and competencies of your team members. When allocating resources, you can use this data to ensure the right people are assigned to the tasks that best match their skills.

  • Does Striven support distributed or remote teams?


    Striven supports remote and distributed teams by providing a centralized platform where you can see and manage your resources, no matter where they are. This makes it easier to coordinate and communicate about resource allocation, even across different time zones.

  • Can Striven’s resource allocation feature help me forecast future resource needs?


    While the resource allocation feature is primarily focused on managing current resources, it provices valuable data that you can use to predict future resource needs.

  • What types of resources can I manage in Striven?


    Striven is versatile and can handle various types of resources, from human resources (like staff or consultants), to physical assets (like equipment or machinery), to digital resources (like software or data).

  • Can Striven’s resource allocation feature handle changes in resource availability?


    Yes, Striven is designed to be dynamic and adaptable. It allows for real-time updates, so you can adjust your resource allocation swiftly and efficiently in response to changes in availability.

  • Can I generate reports about my resources?


    Absolutely. Striven enables you to generate detailed reports on resource utilization, which can give you insights into how effectively your resources are being allocated, highlight areas for improvement, and support strategic decision-making.

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