The Top 10 Best Task Management Software Solutions of 2024

The Top 10 Best Task Management Software Solutions of 2024

What is a task? In project management, a “task” is a specific piece of work within a project, often defined by certain boundaries or requirements. Tasks are the basic building blocks of a project, and each task represents a single action, step, or function necessary to complete the project.

So, what is software for task management? Task management software provides a structured framework that helps in planning, executing, and monitoring projects effectively. The characteristics of a task within a project include:

  • Specific Scope: A task has a well-defined scope, meaning it has clear objectives and a specific outcome or deliverable. It is a distinct portion of work within the overall project.
  • Assigned Resources: Tasks are typically assigned to specific team members or groups. This can include human resources, as well as tools, materials, and time.
  • Duration: Each task has an estimated duration or a deadline by which it needs to be completed. This helps in planning and scheduling the project timeline.
  • Sequence and Dependencies: Tasks are often part of a larger sequence within a project. They may have dependencies, meaning the start or completion of a task may depend on the completion of another task.
  • Measurable Progress and Completion: Tasks are designed in a way that their progress can be measured. Once a task is completed, it contributes to the overall progress of the project.
  • Contribution to Goals: Each task contributes to the larger goals and objectives of the project. The completion of all tasks leads to the completion of the project.

In a nutshell, task management software ensures that projects are completed on time and within budget.

The best task management software greatly enhances team collaboration and communication. It serves as a central platform where team members can share documents, update task statuses, and communicate changes in real-time.

When it comes to finding the right task management software solution for your business, here are some features that you should look for:

Long shadow hub icon

Centralized Task Management

Long shadow custom dashboard icon

Remote Work Compatibility

Long shadow tasks & assignments icon

Task Prioritization

Long shadow people management / hierarchy icon

Efficient Task Assignment

Long shadow document management icon

Document Organization

Long shadow cloud icon

Data Access and Synchronization

Enhanced Collaboration

Overall Visibility

Long shadow payroll management icon

Productivity Tracking

Long shadow time management icon

Time Tracking

operations management icon

Single Management Platform

Long shadow project management icon

Automated Resource Allocation

For a lot of small and growing businesses, it’s not always easy to find the right task management software. With so many choices out there, it can be hard to know which software for task management really fits the unique needs of your business.

Don’t worry, there’s good news—finding the right task management tools for your business has never been easier.

We’re here to help. Our software experts have compiled a comprehensive breakdown of The Top 10 Best Task Management Software Solutions of 2024.

*Note: Our task management software reviews are for informational purposes only. We encourage you to perform research and demo systems to achieve the most comprehensive comparison.

1. Striven

Striven Logo

Striven is an all-in-one ERP business management software solution built with small to mid-market businesses in mind. Our sophisticated software combines project management tools, task management tools, CRM, collaboration tools, accounting, HR, operations, inventory, (and so much more) into a single, easy-to-use interface. Striven is an infinitely capable software solution that supports every type of employee within your company.


  • Project, task, and time management w/ interactive calendar
  • Detailed financial and productivity reports generated in seconds
  • Fully integrated CRM
  • Customer and vendor portals
  • Task assignment and scheduling
  • Full accounting functionality
  • Customizable dashboards for each project

What Sets It Apart: Striven’s expert team of business analysts personally see to your success. From training and onboarding, technical support, and business-specific customizations, our US-based Striven Support Team is available 24/7. On top of that, Striven’s automation capabilities allow you to work more efficiently with a focus on productivity management.

Pricing: Free trial and custom demo, packages begin at $35/user.

More info: Striven Earns Numerous Awards For Q4 2023

2. monday work management

monday work management. Project and task management software allows teams to focus on executing tasks, projects, and processes efficiently and achieve shared goals at scale.


  • Set goals based on business priorities and needs
  • Define the projects, tasks, and processes needed to reach goals
  • Create tasks that align with your projects, goals, and workflows

What Sets It Apart: Known for its intuitive interface and flexibility in building custom workflows across teams. It’s versatile, with various project and task management tools and offers a wide range of integrations​.

Pricing: From $9 /user/month (free forever up to 2 seats)

3. Smartsheet

Smartsheet project and task management software lets teams work with flexibility and security—from small projects to large-scale processes and entire portfolios.


  • Process automation
  • Intelligent workflows
  • Portfolio management

What Sets It Apart: Best for those who prefer a spreadsheet-style interface, offering low-code project management automation and various visualization tools including Gantt charts and Kanban boards.

Pricing: From $25 /user/month (min 3 users, unlimited editors)

4. ClickUp

ClickUp task management software lets you plan, organize, and collaborate on any project with task management that can be customized for every need.


  • Tailored views for cross-functional projects
  • All-in-one knowledge and work management
  • Task management tools and dashboards support real-time progress

What Sets It Apart: Ideal for teams on a tight budget, offering a wide range of features and integrations, suitable for complex task management​​​​.

Pricing: Business Package $12.00 /member/month


5. Chanty

Chanty task management software offers a team collaboration platform that uses a chat-first model for effective task management. It offers features like task assignment from messages and Kanban board view.


  • Share multiple content in a single app
  • Highlight members with @mentions
  • Code snippets with dev-friendly formatting

What Sets It Apart: Teambook. It’s a single hub for neatly organized tasks, conversations, pinned messages, and all the other content you share.

Pricing: Business Package $3 /user/month

6. TickTick

TickTick offers a beautifully-designed task management software mobile app and is known for its user-friendly interface. It’s useful for basic and more advanced task management needs.


  • Add tasks via email
  • Voice input
  • Smart lists and filters

What Sets It Apart: Create multiple reminders for one task, or enable “Annoying Alert” to avoid missing.

Pricing: Contact for pricing

7. task management software offers a range of features. Create detailed tasks with an unmatched level of granularity and customization to help you and your team hit your targets. Teamwork also has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for users to navigate and customize.


  • Plan your workload
  • Track task progress
  • Report and optimize

What Sets It Apart: Assign sub-tasks, create dependencies, and loop in the right people throughout the task lifecycle.​

Pricing: From $5.99 /user/month

8. Zoho ToDo

Embrace Zoho ToDo and wave goodbye to the headaches of task management. Enjoy smooth organization, seamless collaboration, and effortless tracking of your work. Start your project journey by knowing what’s in store. Whether it’s group tasks or personal tasks, just let Zoho ToDo task management software take care of organizing your workload.


  • Email Suite for task management
  • Admin control
  • Collaboration tools

What Sets It Apart: With five different ways to add your tasks, you can relax, no matter where you are.

Pricing: Contact for pricing

9. Todoist

Praised for its simplicity and intuitive interface, Todoist task management software is ideal for individuals or small teams. It offers features like task prioritization, deadline tracking, and collaboration.


  • Shared space to collaborate
  • Quick add
  • 80+ integrations

What Sets It Apart: Type just about anything into the task field and Todoist’s one-of-its-kind natural language recognition will instantly fill your to-do list.

Pricing: Business Edition $6 /member/month

10. ProofHub

Use ProofHub to plan, track, and manage projects of any size, from simple to complex—across your team from a single, easy-to-use project and task management software platform.


  • Task management tools
  • Multi-lingual
  • Custom roles to decide who gets to access what

What Sets It Apart: Track sprints, follow a roadmap, and visualize product deadlines.

Pricing: A flat $50/month for unlimited users

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