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Striven Definition and Meaning

Striven definition and meaning: it’s the past participle of the verb strive, which according to means “to make great efforts to achieve or obtain something.” Striven entered the English language way back in 1200 when it was shortened from the Old French word estriver.

Striven is synonymous with other verbs: to compete, to rival.

The meaning of striven 

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In business, competition is multi-faceted. Companies aren’t just competing against others within their marketplace. They’re competing against themselves. 

A business can understand its success by answering a simple question: are we doing better than we were last year? That question entails hundreds of measurables, data points, and analyses. Because most successful businesses don’t achieve it by accident. They do so by following strategic plans developed by people who have the insight to create and manage growth initiatives. The “gut instinct” that many business leaders possess is really the power to act confidently based on a solid understanding of their company’s performance.

To succeed takes the right combination of intelligence, ability, and desire. In other words, to be a great, a company must be striven to succeed.

We named our product Striven because we identify with the companies who possess the skills to compete, but who also have the desire to win.

Striven definition: to succeed

To change, grow, and succeed, businesses must have a core strength that extends to every employee. That means they run efficiently, collaborate well, understand their profitability, and can identify opportunities for advancement. 

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No matter what industry or category they’re in, companies that are “striven to succeed” have common qualities. They want more efficient ways of working so that all employees’ jobs are easier. They want better communication throughout their company so team members are always on the same page. Seeking better data protection and accessibility, they want to store information safely and with more agility.

At the highest levels, companies who are striven to succeed want to assess their “big picture.” Financial health, scalability, and better customer relations are all requirements of a competitive business. 

Though we developed our software with these requirements in mind, we also know that they’re just the basics. We strive, ourselves, to go far beyond basic. For us, that means giving businesses the tools they need for success today while helping them chart their course for success next year. And in the next five years. And even further into the future.

Striven defined— and redefined

Have we redefined what striven means? Sure. But that’s because we’re in the business of redefinition. 

We want companies, and the amazing people who work hard for them every day, to see growth in ways they hadn’t before. That means we don’t just want organizations to succeed— we want people to succeed. And as they do, we want them to have the tools to redefine what success can mean.

The desire to do better and to be better has existed long before striven was ever a word. It has existed much longer than Striven was a business software. But it’s a special quality that we understand very well. And the spirit of being striven to succeed goes into our every line of code, every new feature, and every user’s experience.

Words change with time. So do businesses. Our goal is to help you make sure your company’s change, and opportunity, is also your achievement.