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Striven Recognized as Top 20 Most Promising ERP Software

Lumberton, NJ, December 26, 2019 – CIO Review has recognized Striven, a product developed by Miles Technologies, as one of the most promising new ERP software systems for the past year. In an article published in both its print and digital magazine, CIO Review emphasizes Striven’s versatile functionality and its exceptional customer service.

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In its year-end 2019 review of the top business management software products, the magazine notes Striven’s unique place among its competitors. Though ERP software can provide data transparency and improved operations, many solutions are prohibitively expensive and difficult to onboard. Striven’s model easily accommodates a small business budget, while offering a level of customer service rarely experienced in the world of enterprise software. The article cites Striven’s 91% customer retention rate for the past three years. 

The CIO Review article notes that “[i]n addition to ease-of-use and great service, Striven offers true automation to businesses… Executives can easily monitor work across the company, while employees can complete tasks much more efficiently.” Evaluating a case study where Striven replaced a restaurant group’s unconnected financial and customer management systems, CIO Review found precise financial data and greater reporting accuracy as core measurements of success for the company.

The article concludes by covering the wide spectrum of Striven’s capabilities, noting the product’s attention to both the “smallest functional issues” and big-picture data. It quotes founder and CEO of Striven, Chris Miles, by saying “the biggest reason for [Striven’s] success is that we give people their time back. Every Striven customer is supported by employees who work faster and achieve more.” 

“We are honored to receive this distinction,” says Pashupati Shrestha, Director of Product Development at Striven. “At the same time, we aren’t surprised. Though every member of the Striven team has worked hard to support the product, we never lose sight of our original goal: helping people accomplish more. We see Striven as a means to help businesses be their best. At the end of the day, it’s all about the connection between people.”

About CIO Review

From their website: CIO Review is a leading technology magazine that is at the forefront of guiding enterprises through the continuously varying business environment with information about solutions and services. The magazine serves as a trustworthy knowledge source as well as a platform for the C-suite executives, industry experts, IT buyers, and other decision-makers to share their valuable insights about new technology trends in the market.

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Striven Earns 2 Top Software Awards

Lumberton, NJ, August 27, 2019- Striven ERP was recently presented with the Rising Star and Premium Usability awards following an independent review of its software application by Finances Online. These awards represent the impact Striven has made on the business management software market and the excellent user experience the software provides.

A Top Evaluation for Striven

According to Finances Online, the Rising Star award “is given to new SaaS products that recently got increasingly popular on the market, are currently getting very good traction with the customers and are viewed as a service that’s really efficient for solving problems users face now.” The Premium Usability award “is granted to products that offer an especially good user experience. [Finances Online] evaluates how easy it is to start using the product and how well-designed its interface and features are to facilitate the work process.”

“We believe the user experience is a valuable commodity, and a good ERP system should properly leverage it,” said Pashupati Shrestha, Director of Product Development. “Based on user feedback, we have re-engineered our features to be easier, faster, and more productive. We are constantly sourcing ideas and recommendations from our customers, and implementing them with each new release to make Striven a best-in-class ERP software.”

In its independent review, Finances Online further highlights Striven’s capabilities to help companies boost sales. They note that Striven’s CRM tools let users “leverage data and sustain and ensure new customer relationships.” Among other features, the review team adds that Striven helps users improve planning and collaboration. They write that “the software gives you an array of tools you need throughout the project management cycle: from planning and scheduling to tracking and managing, controlling and analyzing, and closing.”

Outstanding Customer Satisfaction

The review also reports a 96% user satisfaction rating from Striven users. After gathering and aggregating customer reviews, comments, and application reviews across a wide range of data sources, they have found hundreds of positive mentions of Striven.

The Finances Online team concludes its review by citing Striven’s ability to be a single solution for businesses. They write that Striven is a “centralized system that can offer users the power to unravel data, manage projects and teams, and connect and sustain customers for the vitality of the business. It removes the need for separate and disparate systems, making it easy for you to access a single version of the truth, avoid duplication of process results, and save your business money.”

“We’re honored to have earned these awards,” said Chris Miles, CEO of Miles Technologies, Striven’s developer. “We feel they reflect Striven’s competitive advantage and emphasize our mission of helping people accomplish more.”

About the Review Team

Finances Online is the fastest-growing independent review platform for B2B, SaaS, and financial solutions. When evaluating software, their experts perform a thorough and unbiased analysis of each product’s main functionalities and features. They also take collaboration features, customization, app integration, customer support, and mobility into account for their reviews.