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Striven Featured Among Top ERP Software in 2024 – SoftwareAdvice

In a recent report, SoftwareAdvice, a leading software review site owned by Gartner, named Striven in its flagship report covering the top-rated and most affordable ERP software solutions in 2024.

This list of software solutions was created in large part by user feedback, as well as the affordability of each system. Striven was ranked #2 on this list behind only project management software

*Note that while Striven does not have a mobile app, it is a webapp that is easily usable on any mobile device.

Here is what the SoftwareAdvice analytics team had to say about Striven:

“Striven’s comprehensive ERP capabilities make it suitable for businesses looking to give customers, clients, and vendors the flexibility to manage their data. They can add or update information and download required documents at their convenience. The tool allows users to raise support tickets for their queries and concerns. Users can raise tailored invoices directly from the platform and share them with concerned parties via email or dedicated portals.”

Here’s one of our customer reviews that was factored into Striven’s placement on this list:

I like the collaboration tool it was really very useful to keep everyone on the same communication channel. I can share documents, discuss ideas and solve problems very quickly.” ~Ana

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Striven’s Winter 2024 Triumph:’s ERP Standouts Unveiled

We are thrilled to share that Striven has once again demonstrated its prominence in the ERP sector, marking a significant achievement in the Winter 2024 ERP Awards on, a renowned platform for business software evaluations. This recognition is a reflection of not only our groundbreaking technology but also the commitment of our devoted team and the continuous support from our valued customers., every quarter, shines a spotlight on the industry’s leading solutions, as voted by the most crucial judges: our users.

Let’s celebrate our remarkable accomplishments for Winter 2024:

  1. Best Results, ERP Winter 2024: Striven leads the way, showcasing our exceptional outcomes in the ERP domain.
  2. Small Business High Performer, Americas, ERP Winter 2024: In the small business category, we’ve outperformed many, attaining a prestigious ranking.
  3. Momentum Leader, ERP Winter 2024: Demonstrating our dynamic progress in the ERP field, we’ve secured a leading position.
  4. High Performer, Americas, ERP Winter 2024: Our performance in the Americas region has been recognized, earning us a top spot.
  5. Mid-Market High Performer, Americas, ERP Winter 2024: Among mid-market players in the Americas, Striven has emerged as a high performer.
  6. High Performer Mid-Market, ERP Winter 2024: In the mid-market segment, our performance has been outstanding, securing us a notable position.
  7. High Performer, ERP Winter 2024: Across the board, Striven has been acknowledged as a high performer in the ERP landscape.

These accolades on directly mirror the Striven team’s perseverance, innovation, and hard work. More crucially, they highlight the invaluable input, confidence, and collaboration from our user base and customers. Your reviews, testimonials, and constructive criticisms have been pivotal in our incredible journey.

We are dedicated to continually redefining the capabilities of an ERP system. The road ahead is filled with more innovation, enhanced functionalities, and increased support to optimize your business operations. Anticipate more exciting updates, features, and advancements as we forge ahead together.

To our customers, partners, and the entire Striven family – your involvement in this remarkable journey is greatly appreciated. Here’s to many more milestones, triumphs, and mutual growth!

Striven’s Stellar Showcase: Dominating Fall 2023 ERP Awards on G2

We are ecstatic to announce that Striven has once again proven itself as a leading force in the ERP landscape, this time in the Fall 2023 ERP Awards on, a leading provider of business software reviews. This is a testament not just to our innovative technology, but to our dedicated team and the unwavering support of our loyal customers.

Every quarter, G2 highlights the top rated solutions in the industry, as chosen by the source that matters most: our customers.

Here’s some of our noteworthy achievements for Fall 2023:

  • Americas Regional Grid® Report for ERP Systems: Making a remarkable debut, we secured the 13th position among 58 contenders.
  • Small-Business Americas Regional Grid® Report for ERP Systems: In the small-business segment, we have outshined numerous competitors, grabbing the 6th spot out of 26.
  • Mid-Market Americas Regional Grid® Report for ERP Systems: Yet another debut, where we were ranked 11th out of 38 participants.
  • Momentum Grid® Report for ERP Systems: Continuing our upward trajectory, we progressed to 12th out of 73, which speaks volumes about our momentum in the ERP space.
  • Small-Business Usability Index for ERP Systems: Reflecting our consistent commitment to user experience, we secured the 4th position.
  • Usability Index for ERP Systems: Maintaining our stronghold, we stood firm at 5th out of 62.
  • Small-Business Results Index for ERP Systems: Here, we proudly sustained our position close to the top, being 2nd out of 22.
  • Results Index for ERP Systems: Dominating the competition, we clinched the #1 spot among 51 contenders.
  • Small-Business Relationship Index for ERP Systems: And of course, our relationships with our small-business clientele remains unparalleled, as we retained the #1 position.

Our recognition on is a direct reflection of the hard work, dedication, and innovative spirit of the Striven team. But, more importantly, it underscores the valuable feedback, trust, and partnership of our users and customers. Without your testimonials, reviews, and constructive feedback, this incredible journey wouldn’t be possible.

We remain committed to pushing the boundaries of what an ERP system can do. Our future holds further innovation, improved functionalities, and even more ways to support and enhance your business processes. Stay tuned for more exciting updates, features, and advancements as we stride into the future together.

To our customers, partners, and the entire Striven community – thank you for being part of this remarkable journey. Here’s to many more accolades, successes, and shared growth!